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Date: 2019-03-03 10:37

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Elit Alakulat


This is my fun campaign, titled Elite Squad. It's in hungarian, but the tasks are clear, I think. It's more of a mission pack, than an actual campaign, I decided to upload it as a folder, so that means it's an external download. The required addons are all provided in its Steam Workshop page that I have linked because a lot of the addons I used aren't available here on Armaholic. I tried to get the most out of the game, so anything can happen in this pack.

-A load of irreal situations
-Going to missions in a died down Volga, or even a bike
-Exlposive bunnies later in the story
-Cars equipped with machine guns that shoot cars
-Tank battle with a railgun tank
-Invincible bicycle
-Capturing a beer factory in the desert of Nogova
-6 islands: Altis, Nogova, Tanoa, Sahrani, Everon and Takistan
-2 playable characters on the CSAT side

To install this addon, you need to put the Elit Alakulat folder into the 'Missions' folder of the game.

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