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Requirements: CUP Terrains Core, Em Buildings, DS Houses, HAG Objects Full, JBAD Buildings, MBG Buildings Killhouses (Arma3 Remaster), Uro's Memorial to the Fallen, MBG Buildings 2 (Arma2 Legacy), MBG Buildings 1 (Arma1 Legacy)

Version: 1.09
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Pelosi Peninsula(used to be Iwagi, name subject to change). 12x12km(Iwagi was 6x6km).

Date: 2019-12-01 17:06

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cring0's WIP nightly builds


!!! Notice: This will be updated fairly frequently. If you don't like Steam downloading updates every other day and/or have a datacap set by your ISP, you may not want to subscribe to this !!!

- Pelosi Peninsula, 12x12km, 116063 objects (used to be Iwagi 6x6km)
- Cape Nevid, 6x6km, 40968 objects (used to be simply Nevid 1.5km)
- Snakeriver Valley, 12x12km, 185803 objects

- Textures
- Roads
- Decals

This is for those who want to see what I've been working on. It's quite possible nothing will ever exit the WIP status due to physical reality and time restraints, so this may be its final resting place. But, theoretically, I'll update this anytime I make changes to something, and if it hits a point of being anything resembling a final product or version, I'll upload it separately.

I started making terrain without any kind of theme and I never really finished anything. With this project, I'm trying to make a lore world and incorporate any terrain I make into that world.

The first terrain I published, Iwagi, originally started as somewhat resembling the real Japanese island. I've taken Iwagi and transformed it pretty drastically into a peninsula and it will take some time to flesh it all out. I've also started a different version of Nevid, and I've started making several other terrain projects over the last couple years.

This package also includes separate PBOs for ground textures, roads, decals, and will include objects if I ever get around to learning how to make them.

To install cring0's WIP nightly builds you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

- Readjusted most of terrain in north eastern corner. Will be adding farms on the tops of the hills and more forests in between the hills. Will be adding a large airport in the north to expand on the original one. Forgot to adjust for train tracks. The river running east to west will be smaller and marshy.

- More buildings, walls, etc.
- Filled large areas with vegetation.
- Extended rails a bit further.

- More work to Opterberg, added concrete and dirt to areas.
- Spent 8 damned hours in L3DT trying to get a good mask/sat generation.
- Updated normal.
- Painted roads on sat but they're currently just crap looking.

- More buildings, industrial, and added some rails.

- Readjusted clutter variables(thanks to bludclot for help).
- Added a road and some buildings.

- Added a new terrain I've been working on: Applegate(yes, that one, but I've changed it quite a bit).

Cape Nevid:
- Retextured a bunch of roads.
- Retextured some ground textures and rebuilt my satellite and ground texture maps(never finished).
- Widened parts of the roads through a couple towns.
- Removed the tunnel and lowered most of the northern side of the original island(turning it into a strip mine).

- Added Snake River Valley, a 12x12km terrain I've spent a couple months on in late 2018.
- Fixed rvmat and definitions for some decals.
- Cleaned up RequiredAddons in configs, changed required mods.

- Added Cape Nevid, which is an updated and expanded version of Nevid.

A ton of terrain editing to the north. Added buildings. Adjusted roads.


- CUP Terrains Core
- Em Buildings
- DS Houses
- HAG Objects Full
- JBAD Buildings
- MBG Buildings Killhouses (Arma3 Remaster)
- Uro's Memorial to the Fallen
- MBG Buildings 2 (Arma2 Legacy)
- MBG Buildings 1 (Arma1 Legacy)

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