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Requirements: Aimpoint Desert Weapon Pack

Version: 1.0
Signed: Yes

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Date: 2008-07-17 22:56

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Army Special Forces

- Fictional United States Army Special as of 2008
- Signed Addon for Multiplayer
- 3 Camo Version (Woodland, Desert and ACU)
- Light units with backpacks

Desert Units:
    joh_armysf_dcu_tl dcu Team Leader
    joh_armysf_dcu_med dcu Medic
    joh_armysf_dcu_com dcu Communications Operator
    joh_armysf_dcu_saw dcu Operator SAW
    joh_armysf_dcu_op dcu Operator
    joh_armysf_dcu_gl dcu Operator GL
    joh_armysf_dcu_tll dcu Team Leader (Light)
    joh_armysf_dcu_medl dcu Medic (Light)
    joh_armysf_dcu_coml dcu Communications Operator (Light)
    joh_armysf_dcu_sawl dcu Operator SAW (Light)
    joh_armysf_dcu_opl dcu Operator (Light)
    joh_armysf_dcu_gll dcu Operator GL (Light)
Woodland Units:
    joh_armysf_bdu_tl bdu Team Leader
    joh_armysf_bdu_med bdu Medic
    joh_armysf_bdu_com bdu Communications Operator
    joh_armysf_bdu_saw bdu Operator SAW
    joh_armysf_bdu_op bdu Operator
    joh_armysf_bdu_gl bdu Operator GL
    joh_armysf_bdu_tll bdu Team Leader (Light)
    joh_armysf_bdu_medl bdu Medic (Light)
    joh_armysf_bdu_coml bdu Communications Operator (Light)
    joh_armysf_bdu_sawl bdu Operator SAW (Light)
    joh_armysf_bdu_opl bdu Operator (Light)
    joh_armysf_bdu_gll bdu Operator GL (Light)
ACU Units:
    joh_armysf_acu_tl ACU Team Leader
    joh_armysf_acu_med ACU Medic
    joh_armysf_acu_com ACU Communications Operator
    joh_armysf_acu_saw ACU Operator SAW
    joh_armysf_acu_op ACU Operator
    joh_armysf_acu_gl ACU Operator GL
    joh_armysf_acu_tll ACU Team Leader (Light)
    joh_armysf_acu_medl ACU Medic (Light)
    joh_armysf_acu_coml ACU Communications Operator (Light)
    joh_armysf_acu_sawl ACU Operator SAW (Light)
    joh_armysf_acu_opl ACU Operator (Light)
    joh_armysf_acu_gll ACU Operator GL (Light)
There is one PBO file in the .rar archive, which needs to be extracted into your ArmeA/Addons folder.
Better way use a modfolder.. ie x:\ur arma folder\@MyAddonsFolder\Addons\pbo here.
If you do not know how to make and use mod folders have a look in our FAQ.

Included .pbo files:

This is a signed addon

Units can be found under "bluefor\US Army SF acu", "bluefor\US Army SF wod" and "bluefor\US Army SF dcu".

This is not an official Addon. Use it at your own risk.
Editing or redistributing this addon, or any part of it, is not allowed in any way without my explicit, written, permission.

1.0 (17-07-08) (official release)
- First public release

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- BI forums

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