Author: Spyker2041
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Requirements: CUP Terrains Core; Project OPFOR; 3CB Factions; CBA_A3; ACE3; ACE3 Compatibility for RHSUSAF, RHSAFRF, RHSGREF; RHSUSAF; RHSAFRF; RHSGREF;
Island(s): Malden 2035
Playable options: COOP

Version: 0.1

Date: 2019-04-21 15:27

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COOP05 FAL About


An ACE RHS coop mission on Malden 2035 in which a commando team is tasked with destroying HIND launch sites before extracting.

My own take on a mission made by Sanders for CWR2 of Arma 2.

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Tags: Malden,   Malden 2035,   Ace,   Rhs,   Coop