Author: Gunter Severloh
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Requirements: Apex DLC
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Version: 1.14

Date: 2020-03-25 11:50

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Desert OPS Run - Tactical Arena

Gunter Severloh

About the Mission
This is an infantry based massive tactical arena where you can practice CQB, & MOUT tactics solo or in coop, or just to shoot some enemies for fun!
Fight against enemy FIA guerilla fighters that will patrol the area and respawn
once killed after so much time.

While your on the hunt or are being hunted by the enemy you can access all buildings
either by ladder, platform, plank, staircase, ramp or roof.

There are optional objective tasks you can complete, locate and destroy 7 caches, kill a
commander, and locate and eliminate an enemy garrisoned squad that will complete and end the mission.

Mission is meant to be played in MP Lan for respawn and coop
see features below for further details of the mission.

- No Mods required other then the APEX DLC - See link to the right ------->
- Playable in Single player or Multiplayer.
- Singleplayer you have limit of 8 lives and can teamswitch when you die.
- 8 Player Coop with Revive.
- Playing solo via MP lan you will respawn in 2 seconds.
- Change Weather in MP Parameters.
- Change Time of day in MP Parameters.
- Change AI Difficulty in MP Parameters.

- Roaming infantry patrols will seek you out if you make your presence known.
- Enemy AI will patrol the arena, and will respawn after a set time after all group members are dead.
- Full Briefing with Tasks.
- 9 Optional objectives with tasks.
- 15 man enemy squad garrisoned in random positions in any of the buildings (Task).
- Your enemy is the: Independent FIA guerilla fighters.
- Player's faction is: Blufor (NATO - Special Forces/ Recon Scout).
- Player apon death will have option to be revived if playing coop with other players.
- Player apon death will respawn in 2 seconds at 1 of 4 player random starting locations if solo.
- Access to Virtual Arsenal to change uniform, weapons, loadout & gear.
- Save and load your loadout on the fly outside of Arsenal.
- All dead bodies, weapons, and player dropped items will delete within 4 minutes.
- Player Aim, recoil, and stamina lowered for a more responsive and faster gameplay.
- Weather, Time of day, & AI Skill level can be adjusted under parameters in MP.
- Street lights, & lamps allows for night time play or you can shoot the lights out and go dark.
- Mission set on Altis Map - (VR Map v1.8 linked below)
- 39 custom placed buildings and over 100 custom placed objects.
- Surrounding wall system, with custom bump outs for player and AI spawn.
- Custom plank system will allow you to: Access, Climb, and Run a top of all buildings and houses.
- Safe zone for AI and player to prevent access to their starting areas.

To play Solo on MP Lan:
1. Go to Multiplayer
2. Server browser
3. Host Server
4. Type in server name, # of players, password
5. Choose map on left (Altis) and the mission on right.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Altis version
VR version
ACE/ME version

I want to thank the following members of the Arma community
for their work/help with my mission:
* Rydygier - for his help with code for the respawn script, and player ammoboxes.
* Norrin - for his AI_respawn_UPS which Rydygier ported to Arma3.
* pierremgi - for his help with code for transferring the briefing on teamswitch.
* Kronzky - for his Urban Patrol Script.
* chasEE - for his KillFeed Script.
* DaVidoSS - for his cleanup script.
* aeroson - For his get and set loadout script.
* Sushi - For his TOG Garrison Script.

- Updated and fixed the weather Parameters as they would prevent the mission
from running on a dedicated or a GSP server, only MP lan seemed to work
now mission should work on all servers!

- All Ammo caches now have at least 5 RGN & RGO grenades.
- Updated Garrison code in enemy squad leader as all of the squad enemy wasn't garrisoning.
- Fixed enemy squad spawn markers, and the center patrol marker solid again, seems AI would not respawn after being killed and also would not move to patrol.
- Fixed and updated VR version mission as it had double tasks, markers and other things because of my port,
sorry about that.

- Added Pergolla building in the large open space by blue building giving more cover for that area.
- Added a stair to a building that had only one way out.
- Added sandbag wall to side of stairs that turned sharp, where player would run off edge.
- Added new Stair access to one side of office building plank to get down to garage building.
- Added RR Track plank access to next building over.
- Added steps and RR track plank access on top of building that will now connect to next building.
- Fixed a marker not deleting when all tasks completed related to the marker.
- Fixed a hole by a RR track plank where player would fall through and get injured while crossing.
- Fixed a doorway/patio that had a bad transition, where player would clip, or fall through the balcony floor.
- Increased distance of sandbag wall and flag from player entrance as player didn't have much room to move when being engaged. Also added another Sandbag wall on top of existing wall for more cover.
- Made all markers on the map to transparent so you see only the ammo cache dots.
- Made a sandbag wall larger to block player access because player would run off deck
thinking there was a stair there.
- Replaced all remaining wood planks for RRtracks and stone sidewalks, which also reduced the number of objects on the map, while also fixing clipping issues for two planks among them.
- Spun a Pergolla building around to allow more access to move/cover when coming down a stair that was near it.
- Updated Garrisoned enemy soldier task with correct number in description.
- Updated Skill.sqf for AI difficulty, lowering some points, increasing others based on level chose.

Major Overhaul!
- Replaced 99% of the planks with railroad tracks & concrete sidewalks.
Because of this replacement most areas that used planks to cross, their object counts
were reduced from 4 to 1 if not more meaning more less objects=less resources required to render them=more performance.
- Many misc objects removed in surrounding areas based on plank position.
- Adjusted many sandbag wall positions based on new railroad track/concrete sidewalk crossing areas.
- Added/removed boxes and crates for steps for RR track/sidewalk transitions.
- Adjusted some sandbag walls as they were to low to provide any real cover.
- Added a few sandbag walls to some areas that didn't have any cover.
- Transitions from one building to the next are now smooth, all the areas where
you cross, or run along a building on a crosswalk will not impede
the player anymore, what happened before in some areas with the planks is two joining planks
would at random make the player clip, get stuck, or end up making them do a floating animation.
Keep in mind there is still a possibility of an issue i may have not found, but most are fixed i ran into, and that was tested running and walking.
- Added 3 more soldiers to the garrison squad, making a total of 18 soldiers that will be in and
around any building.
- Adjusted the Enemy squads container walls, by eliminating 2 walls making the squad a bit closer
to the arena, thereby allowing faster access, so you should see them sooner in the arena after they respawn!
See additional notes, and screenshots in my update post here:

- Added more stairs to access more areas.
- Added sandbag walls to areas where i found myself without cover in some instances.
- Added new planks/pallets to a couple of areas for more access.
- Adjusted the heights of some sandbag walls as they were to low to use for cover.
- Adjusted a few walls facing the wrong direction.
- Fixed a couple of plank transition areas, that made the player clip or get stuck.
- Fixed a plank missing one of its parts.
- Readjusted an area giving it better transition and access.
- Removed an outside wall and adjusted the other walls in that area making it fit better.
- Reduced the AI spawn time from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.

- Updated the time of day parameter in the MP lobby, you can now change the time of day from {"Dawn","Morning","Noon","Afternoon","Dusk","Night"};
- Added a new MP parameter where you can disable or enable player Stamina and fatigue {"No stamina nor fatigue","stamina & fatigue enabled"};
- Added many new ladders, planks, steps, and stairs to various areas, enabling you to access more areas.
- Added sandbag walls where there was no cover to hide behind in certain spots.
- Adjusted a few ladders and stairs to make them transition smoother.
- Replaced a few planks with stairs which made the access smoother and eliminated several objects for just one.
- Replaced many outside walls with one wall instead of many single walls, reducing the object count, important for mission performance.

- Found and removed 2 objects that were accidently placed inside a building.
- Added staircases to several buildings.
- Adjusted the descriptionin in the Commander Task.
- Increased the number of times an enemy AI can spawn.

- Removed a couple of objects that were accidentally placed inside 2 buildings.
- Removed the 2 ladders from the 2 center unfinished complexes as the planks are better.
- Removed the scoreboard as you cant read it with a 2sec respawn.
- Reduced the respawn delay to 2 seconds.
- Fixed the flagpoles for each player start position as the flags were not showing when ingame.
- Fixed a part of the briefing not showing all of the situation info while ingame.
- Adjusted a plank found to be facing upward instead of flat and level.
- Added more new planks to give more access from one building to the other.
- Added a few sandbag walls to some roofs that needed more cover.
- Added staircases to various buildings and access points.
- Added markers to the map to indicate where the staircases are.
- Added 3 more units to the garrisoned squad.
- Updated the Commander, and garrisoned squad tasks information boxes.
- Changed the AI spawn message when the enemy AI spawn.
- Misc sandbag wall, and plank adjustments.

- Increased number of playable slots from 4 to 8.
- Adjusted the positions of a number of planks, sandbag fences, and steps.
- Adjusted AI skill code for difficulty levels.
- Added some faks, and other ammo to an ammo cache that was empty.
- Added planks, and stairs to certain areas for more access where there was none.
- Added new planks, and stairs to areas for more access where there was none.
- Added Nato flags on the outside of each player spawn area.
- Added a Pergola building to fill in a space.
- Added a ladder to a building.
- Added a marker for the ladder.
- Swapped out a destroyed shop for an abandoned shop building.
- Swapped out two destroyed shops for Large unfinished buildings.
- Swapped out the apartment building (red) for the villa (blue).
- Removed the weather code from the VR version which caused an error.
- Moved the mission back to the Altis Desert for the workshop download,
and made the VR version available for download through google drive.

- Adjusted, added steps, and sand bag walls to certain areas for better access/cover.
- Added some sandbag walls to new areas that didn't have them.
- Added 2 Pergola buildings to those areas that were open with no cover.
- Doubled up some planks for easier access, and movement.
- Straightened 3 joining planks out to be more smoother for when you run across.
- Removed a plank, and boxes that were found inside a house, a copy/paste error.
- Reduced the revive time to 3seconds, bleedout time to 3 minutes.
- Fixed the error with the garrison script.

- Ported to the VR map for the sake of performance - (Thanks Nightmare for the suggestion!)
- Lowered the small office building as during a play through i found the officer laying beneath the
floor should be fixed now.
- Adjusted planks, sandbags, and ladder around the small office building.
- Adjusted planks, sandbags, around the 2 small construction buildings.
- Added more steps, and planks to and around the 2 small construction buildings.

- Added new Task Objective:
New task is you will need to locate and eliminate a garrisoned enemy 12 man squad.
- Added Tog Garrison script for above new task.
- Added steps to the inside office building so you can access the plank from inside the building.
- Adjusted height levels for new steps.
- Doubled up the planks on top of the 2 middle construction buildings.
- Adjusted positions of a few planks around a couple of houses.
- Adjusted position of the sandbag walls on the 2 construction buildings as they were clipping through the wall.

- Removed the dependency setting in the editor to require APEX DLC.
- Adjusted positioning of some of the outside walls.
- Adjusted positioning of the streetlamps for night.

- Lowered the 4 barrack, and office buildings down to their 1st step.
This should prevent any AI from being prone under the floor if they go inside.

- Swapped out 2 destroyed buildings for regular buildings.
- Added sandbag walls to the roofs that didnt have any.
- Removed some planks, and repositioned them elseware.
- Setup new planks in couple of areas.
- Adjusted some planks around ledges, and corners.
- Adjusted a few planks to make them more even and level.
- Doubled most planks to make it easier for the player to run across.
- Removed the killfeed.
- Lowered the AI Skill in script for easy and easier.
- Lowered the player's aim (sway, and recoil) so more control with weapons.

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