Author: UNIT_normal
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.30

Short description: allows you to change camouflage and component via GUI.

Date: 2019-07-28 20:42

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Vehicle Appearance Manager GUI - Alternative


This is now outdated!
It is included in the normal version! Make sure to download the latest version from here:
Vehicle Appearance Manager GUI

This allows you to change camouflage and component via GUI.
VAM supports most of vanilla vehicles even mod vehicles.
You can apply custom textures by making exceptions.
In this Alternative version, you will have VAM action when you are looking at target vehicle. (In 10m)
Also you will have VAM action in driver seat. While you are in driver seat, vehicle cannot be modified by other player.

Installation / Usage:
For usage instructions and information of how to use the Vehicle Appearance Manager GUI please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

1. Put VAM folder on your mission folder.
2. Put stringtable.xml or copy & paste contents to your stringtable.xml.
3. Add this to init.sqf.
[] execVM "VAM_GUI\VAM_GUI_init.sqf";
4. Add this to description.ext.
#include "VAM_GUI\defines.hpp"
#include "VAM_GUI\VAM_GUI_controls.hpp"
#include "VAM_GUI\VAM_GUI_classes.hpp"

- In VAM_GUI_init.sqf, you can enable Liberation FOB distance check system.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Known issues:
- Some components are linked each other. It's not VAM's limitation.
- Some components aren't compatible each other. It's not VAM's limitation.
- Some vehicles don't have default customizing value. Reset will not work in that case.

It's my first GUI creation. It's not perfect but usable.
If you have any problem, please reply on here.

Credits & Thanks:
Special Thanks
DCinside ARMA Minor Gallery for testing
JLD server for on-server testing

Add more condition check options
Respawn problem fixed(Standard version)

Action method is changed. UGV RCWS bug fixed. Introducing fnc_VAM_variable_cleaner

Bug fixed (Error message when user is trying to scroll down below last component with arrow down key.)

Hidden texture option added for Hummingbird/Pawnee, Blackfoot, Orca

Liberation FOB distance check system is now available

List text size adjusted

Marid(v1 and v2) fixed. (I suggest you change every v1 in your mission to v2)


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