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Requirements: Operation: TREBUCHET

Version: 7
Signed: No

Short description: includes additional equipment and enhances to existing equipment for the OPTRE mod.

Date: 2020-01-13 08:49

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Operation: Arsenal Expansion for OPTRE


This mod includes additional equipment and enhances to existing equipment for the OPTRE mod.

Current additions:
VTOL hornet variant, complete with reworked HUD and pylon system.
All hornets now have a pilot camera and laser designator. All of them also contain a pylon system.
M41 SSR, aka SPNKR, now is one launcher. Contains new missile types, such as SALH, Thermal, and dumbfire.
M6 G/GNR, aka spartan laser, added as a launcher. Currently still a WIP, but is functional.

To install Operation: Arsenal Expansion for OPTRE you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Credits & Thanks:
Big thanks:
-Article 2 Studios, for OPTRE
-You, for actually reading this part.
-The OPTRE community, for existing.
-The Insurrectionists, for being great target practice.
-Microsoft, 343, and Bungie: For the Halo universe.

+Added ANVIL-III SALH rockets.
+Reorganized the aircraft weapon, magazine, and ammo classnames and introduced an OPAEX_AirCore.pbo.
+Made SPNKR have 100 thrust instead of 10 to make up for low speeds after maneuvering.
+Made SPNKR seekers all have maximum range of 2500. This means the SALH and SACLOS have been reduced from 4 km to 2.5 km max range.
+Added Sparrowhawk HUD
+Added Pylons to Sparrowhawk
+Added Sparrowhawk Innie version (in texture lists) temporarily until OPTRE updates their Sparrowhawks
+Added pylon models from the hiddenselections to the A, B, and C versions of the Sparrowhawk
+Fixed all hornets giving an error
+Fixed Scorpions not having gunner seat due to new update
+Fixed assault rifles breaking without the ACE compat
+Reduced the fuse distance of impact grenades from 60 to 0, meaning it will always detonate.

+Fix scorpion turret reticule missing.
+Fix spartan laser causing heat damage to user.
+Increased strength of spartan laser
+Thanks to innumerable requests, the SPNKR will have its own OPAEX version and the vanilla magazines and launchers will return untouched.
+No more recoil on the Spartan laser.
+Convert the spartan laser to use magwells instead of magazines to fix SPNKR rounds being loadable.
+Fixed a bug with the Falcon hull hit values

Hotfix for Glassing beam being binarized.

+Falcon HUD
+Added smoke dispensers to scorpion
+Added SACLOS M41 missiles.
+Reworked the Thermal M41 missiles to actually track consistently.
+Added glassing beam module with options! (Thanks to DarkLordAinsley and Nekro)

+Fixed missile detection and countermeasures in standard hornet.

+Pylon smoke rockets in red
+Pylon smoke rockets in blue
+Pylon smoke rockets in green
+Pylon smoke rockets in orange
+Pylon smoke rockets in purple
+Pylon smoke rockets in white
+Pylon smoke rockets in yellow
+Added impact smoke grenades for grenade launchers.
+Impact smoke in white
+Impact smoke in blue
+Impact smoke in red
+Impact smoke in yellow
+Impact smoke in green
+Impact smoke in purple
+Changed incoming missile warning to red in HUD for both pelican and hornet
+Fixed bug with hornet and pelican missile detection system
+Fixed bug with hornet countermeasures

+Removed the obstructive glideslope from the normal hornet's HUD.
+Fixed the radar not being usable in the normal hornet.
+Fixed the radar not being usable in the pelican.
+Fixed duplicate weapon issue for the hornet.
+Changed mod logo
+Made pcitures for the mod's workshop page.

+HUD for normal hornet.
+HUD for Pelican.
+Pelican with pylons!
+Improved hornet fuel consumption to allow at least 2 hours of operation.
+Made C2GMLS more susceptible to countermeasures.
+Fixed minor animation source errors on the hornet.
+Massively improved spartan laser performance impact.


- Operation: TREBUCHET

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