Author: nkenny
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.0.2
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: adds extra features which extend the enemy response and reaction to fire.

Date: 2020-01-14 23:27

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A considerable expansion of vanilla Danger.fsm. Added are features which extend the enemy response and reaction to fire.

The overall goal is to make buildings part of the AI's available terrain. The AI will dynamically enter and clear buildings holding enemy soldiers. The nature of the the danger.fsm does not make these features a replacement for dedicated scripts and clever use of waypoints.

The AI is a significantly more active combatant. The biggest changes is that the AI is now able to view buildings and structures as part of the tactical terrain. The AI will search through buildings, hide and garrison within, as well as provide suppressive fire against suspected enemy positions. In addition AI reactions to fire, even when the origin is unknown is expanded. The AI will also commnunicate threats to nearby allies.

* AI will move inside buildings
* Perform suppressive fire (Vehicles will dismantle buildings)
* Panic, with special effects
* React, even when exact enemy position is unknown
* React by hiding in the presence of powerful vehicles when without equipment to deal with it
* Check dead bodies (Rearms if possible)
* Tanks will react by rotating towards threats
* Improved civilian reactions, hiding in buildings and checking dead bodies

To install LAMBS_Danger.fsm you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

The mod runs automatically for all factions, including RHS and CUP. To double check that the mod is runing, enable one of the debug variables.

The mod is fully compatible with VCOM, but unfortunately not with ASR.

Check the gitHub for development variables to toggle or tweak gameplay features.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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- Fix for Server key issues -- shout out to the guys developing HEMTT
- Possible fix for play stance change problem described by Defunkt and CJ
I'm watching the key issues closely. If they persist I will abandon the automated HEMTT solution and generate them manually. Please give servers and clients time to update however. Cheers.
- nkenny and the team

- Fixed BIKey error -- old version of hemtt.
- Fixed Debug panel not showing up
Thanks for you patience everyone!

- Full rewrite of many systems; significant cleanup to the code
- Full CBA integration
- Added CBA configurable settings for most features
- Added CBA eventhandler backend
- Added keyboard for player led groups
- Added extensive debug interface
- Improved FSM performance
- Improved vehicle to infantry interaction
- Improved infantry CQB modules
- Improved all waypoints and performance
- Improved AI squad leader analysis and responses
- Improved individual AI movement skills : seeking cover and fire while moving
- Improved wheeled APC vehicle tactics
- Improved turreted vehicles predictive fire solutions
- Improved AI information sharing routines and configuration options
- Improved AI gesture usage
- Added custom AI fleeing state
- Added the ability for AI to man and abandon static weapons
- Added taskAssault and taskRetreat waypoints
- Added innumerable performance improvements
- Added two authors: Diwako and Jokoho482
- All known bugs fixed
Note: This release will repalce some of the existing variables and waypoints from older releases. It will also update the bikey. Finally it comes with a hard CBA requirement. A legacy version will be made available shortly.
Special thanks goes out to Diwako and Jokoho. This release would have been impossible without them. To members of nopryl for feedback and feature requests. To Clarke for testing and video feedback. To AnAngrySalad for bouncing ideas and testing. To any others that I forgot at the time of writing.

1.43 *HOTFIX*
- Added increased CQC aggression and use of suppression for machineguns
- Added Wheeled APCs to 'armoured vehicle' AI
- Added configurable paramters for share information ranges*
- Added Unique reaction to nearby explosions
- Fixed bugs related to AI artillery (Virtual and actual)
- Fixed Players will no longer play gestures
- Tweaked Investigate dead body ranges
- Improved WP text descriptions
- Minor WP tweaks (generally increased default ranges)
- Misc. Performance tweaks
*This tweaks introduces configurable Share information radio ranges. This feature will be handled by CBA user interface in the next full version. Variable names may change for version 2.0
Relevant variables are:
lambs_danger_radio_shout = 50;
lambs_danger_radio_WEST = 1000;
lambs_danger_radio_EAST = 1000;
lambs_danger_radio_GUER = 1000;
lambs_danger_radio_backpack = 2000;
Range is modified by height above sea level. (Higher means longer comms). Shout and backpack variables are universal. Backpack is added to default range. When a share information check is called the group leader will check all team members. He will pick the best suitable unit to share information:
A unit qualifes as wearing a backpack if:
- The unit has the variable "dangerRadio" is set to TRUE (i.e., <this> setVariable ["dangerRadio",true];)
- The unit is wearing any vanilla radio backpack
- The unit is seated aboard a vehicle
- The unit is wearing any TFAR configured backpack.
The configurable radio ranges make it easy to set up a variety of scenarios. For mission makers that want instantly broadcast information about enemy forces-- simply set Shout range to something extreme. The system will be hooked into the dynamic artillery system in version 2.0. Together with CBA eventHandlers this system can easily accomodate unique scripting. More on that when 2.0 releases.
The team

1.42 *HOTFIX*
- Fix Prevents combat information from being shared with units set to CARELESS
- Adds unit value to disable the danger FSM for a specific unit*
- Misc performance tweaks
*This release introduces the variable "dangerAIEnabled" which is attached directly to units to disable the danger.fsm from running:
<unit> setVariable ["dangerAIEnabled",true]; <-- enabled
<unit> setVariable ["dangerAIEnabled",false]; <-- disabled
This can be done mid combat, but may in certain states take a few seconds to initiate. Combined with disableAI settings for "COVER" or "AUTOCOMBAT" you can create a nearly fearless AI with few scruples for personal safety.
**This hotfix represents a code branch of version 1.5. The author cannot guarantee that the variable names will remain the same in function or naming scheme for the proper 1.5 release version. Expect the functionality to remain the same or improved however.

1.41 *HOTFIX*
- Improved Infantry suppression with machineguns
- Improved vehicle behaviour to close infantry forces
- Improved Hide function by jokoho48
- Fixed Ending CQC mode with player led groups
- Refined infantry engagement ranges
- Tweaked AI OODA loop
- Fixed all known bugs
- Misc. performance tweaks
Special thanks to Diwako and Jokoho48

- Rewritten FSM
- Added group Actions: Rally, Hide, Manoeuvre, check buildings.
- Added 'dangerMode', 'dangerFormation', and 'dangerCode' group variables
- Added utilising available static weapons
- Added vehicle danger avoidance routines
- Added 'first shot' Reaction state for infantry
- Added tactical dismounts and investigation state for vehicles
- Added more state visualisation through gestures
- Improved infantry panic state -- cleaner implementation
- Improved vehicle rotation routines
- Improved CQC combat mode in DELTA and FILE formations
- Improved Vehicle and infantry suppression
- Improved dynamic artillery module
- Improved debug feedback
- Minor fixes to danger Waypoints
- Minor improvements to civilian danger.fsm
- Minor performance enhancements to core scripts

1.31 *HOTFIX*
- Fixed AI aggression
- Misc. performance fixes

- Added scripted Waypoints to force various AI behaviour: Patrols, Garrison, Check buildings, Clear buildings (CQB), Rush, Stalk/creep, and Long ranged Hunt
- Added Dynamic Artillery system
- Improved vehicle suppression system
- Improved reaction to hits, explosions and bullets passing nearby
- Improved low level information sharing between groups
- Misc. performance enhancements

- Improved civilian behavior.FSM
- Fixed all known bugs
- Added bikeys

- Public release

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