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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.00

Short description: lets players and AI throw knife objects. Vanilla ARMA does not have a knife object, so I am using screw drivers and files.

Date: 2019-12-18 11:04

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JBOY Throw Knive


With this script players and AI can throw knife objects. Vanilla ARMA does not have a knife object, so I am using screw drivers and files. Think of these as "guerilla knives" that have been ground to a sharp point and balanced for throwing. You should also be able to use Mod objects with this script (like knives in Max Melee or Unsung mods).

Player can throw knife objects. Knife target destination is determined by position of center of screen (screenToWorld position), i.e., where the player is looking.
AI can throw knifes via scripts. Knife target destination is provided by position.
AI throw accuracy is determined by their skill level for skill "AimingAccuracy".
AI can throw exactly on target also, via an additional parameter. Good for cutscenes where you need the knife to arrive in an exact destination (like left eye of some bad hombre for example).
Knives stick on objects they hit.
Knives stick on AI when hit. Attached position is relative to closest AI mempoint (head, hand, foot, spine, etc.). So when wounded AI moves, the knives still show as stuck in relative position.

Installation / Usage:
For usage instructions and information of how to use the JBOY Throw Knive please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

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Known issues:
When AI killed by knives, I have to detach knives so they fall to the ground. We would all rather see a nice "pin cushion" effect where knives are sticking out of dead AI in correct directions. But this is impossible because once a dead AI ragdolls, those positions are screwed up, and you see knives disconnected and suspended in air. That is bad for immersion, so I opted to just detach them instead.

Improved MP compatibility (player throw action now appears after respawn), and now using remote_exec for all switchMove commands.
Player ability to throw at higher targets improved.
Limiting number of knives to carry now enforced by mission parameter defined in init.sqf. Thanks to @Aplion for the suggestion.
Allows defining container objects with "Take knives" action, which allows unit to take max allowed knives in one Take. This container will have infinite knives for the taking.
Allows defining a single knife object to take (and visible object disappears when you take it).
Mission maker designates a single knife type to be used in mission in the init.sqf. For the demo I have set this to "Land_File_F", but it could set to the screwdriver object, or your favorite Mod's knife object. I no longer support throwing screwdrivers AND files (more than one knife type). This simplified new inventory tracking to one knife type only.


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