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Version: 2
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Date: 2008-08-11 14:04

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Modul Animations Pack

This addon will add several new static animations similar to ICP animations for you to use. The download also includes files relating on how to use the addon correctly with references to each individual animation.

Simply unpack the .7z file and run the installation file MODUL_AnimsPack_v2.exe. This will create the a mod folder in your ArmA directory.

On your ArmA shortcut target line you add -mod=@MODUL_Anims to activate the mod folder.

If you are unsure how to use modfolders you can check the FAQ.

Included files:

Documents ReadMe_EN.txt & ReadMe_ENadv.pdf can be found in the mod folder @MODUL_Anims in your ArmA directory on how to use the addon.

To play animation use a command:
py switchMove "anim"
(py - unit name, anim - animation name).

Animation list:

Some animation can not suit to different a kind to the weapon and units.

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- BI forums

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