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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.4

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Date: 2008-09-19 07:26

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Tv Guided System

This script allows the player to use a TV guidance system for his missiles or bombs.

Extract the pbo(s) to your ...ArmA\Addons folder or use a mod folder to install/launch it (recommended).
If you don't know how to make and use modfolders have a look in our FAQ.

Included .pbo file(s):

Please read the included readme for a clear explanation how to use this script.
Also have a look at the included example mission.

Start Arma and Open your editor and put one of thise units:
    o Bluefor:
      - AH1-TVGM
      - AV8-TVGB
    o OPFOR:
      - KA50-TVGM
      - SU34-TVGM
      - SU34-TVGB
For more info about the TVS read the ReadMe file inside the TVS Dir.


Known issues:
camera goes crazy in 90 deg pitch up / down.
bomb/missile cursor is sometimes offcenter. this seams like a bug in arma.

if you teamswitch to a unit then back to the AV8-TVGB then you have to re-enter the vehicle to
get VTOL working again.

Change log:
- fixed Gui some more: removed Dir and heading in Gui etc etc.
- fixed TTL & BFT. now shows correct for ammo type.
- fixed weapon selection. correct weapon is selected after tv mode
- added Compass in Gui -- NEEDS MORE WORK
- added liftbar to vtol|hws "vertical takeoff or landing + harrier watersystem"
- minor hud changes to av8b-tvgb "like it or have it "

-fixed Engine heat bar. it zeroed out if was > 0 and you re entered the vehicle.
-fixed Waterbar. it returned as full after been in tv mode.

-added Harrier watersystem. "fixed the script version"
-added Harrier VTOL
-removed support for aspects 5:4 16:9 and 16:10, will be supported later with proper functions.
-some gui fixes.
-tvs is selecteble via action menu

-reduced some fps drop: vector.sqf is only called once as it should be.
-added higher fallspeed of ammo: forceing the ammo down a bit.
-made the mousecontrol area gray instead of green

Credits & Thanks:
I have to give some people credits,
I could not have done it without your help!

UNN's widescreendetector. helped me out with dialog issues.
HeinBloed's simple solution to my Mp Camera Problem
The Person that made Vector.sqf. A special thanks to you, who ever you are. i cant find the post on bis again 8(
And a thanks to All the other on the forum that helped out with variouse issues..

For feedback|bugs look up Tv guided System on the bis forum and post there.
BI forums

THIS IS THE: TVGS "tv guided system" ADDON RELEASE, Version 1.1beta
Expect some bugs or issues.
Nor is it an Official BIS addon.
The Software is distributed without any warranty
without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
The Software is not an official addon or tool.
Use of the Software (in whole or in part) is entirely at your own risk.

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