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Requirements: SPON Core, Extended eventhandlers

Version: 0.4.0

Short description: Allows players who have friendly tags turned off to manually recognise their allies

Date: 2009-03-22 14:56

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SPON Recognise

Anyone playing the game properly will have friend (& foe) tags off since they are very gamey, however, there needs to be some way to recognise your comrades without telepathy!

Allows players who have friendly tags turned off to manually recognise their allies (infantry, corpses and vehicle crews) when they are very close.

Requires that the SPON Core be installed in the mission (v0.5.3 or higher). Both SPON Recognise and SPON Core are available in two versions: One is a client-side addon and the other is mission-script-based, which does not require any addons to be installed on client or server. Both require ArmA 1.14 or higher.

    * Press TEAMSWITCH (which defaults to "T" key) to activate recognition for whatever you are looking at (based on weapon direction if you are using a hand-weapon, but centre of screen if unarmed or in a vehicle).
    * When used as a client-side addon (that is, without it being configured from inside the mission), infantry are recognised up to 40m, vehicle crews to 2m, corpses (all sides) to 3m.
    * Option for which types of people can be recognised: own group, own side, allies, friendly or everyone
    * Option to recognise infantry at a specific distance.
    * Option to recognise corpses at a specific distance.
    * Option to recognise vehicle crews at a specific distance.
    * Option to recognise all corpses at a specific distance, regardless of whether they could have been recognised when alive (think: dogtags).

addon version
1. Install the XEH (Extended event handlers) addon by Solus and Killswitch. (Included)
2. Install the SPON Core addon.
3. Copy the "Addon Version/@SPON_Recognise" directory into your ArmA directory.
4. Add " -mod=@XEH;@SPON_Core;@SPON_Recognise" to your ArmA shortcut target.
5. SPON Recognise will then be available in any mission with default settings.

mission-script version
1. Ensure that you have the latest version of SPON Core installed in your mission (see the README.txt within that package for full installation instructions).
2. Copy the "Scripts\SPON" directory into your mission folder.
3. Add the following lines to your mission's "stringtable.csv" file (only #include the file from Core once, regardless of how many SPON components are used):
LANGUAGE, "English"

#include "SPON\Core\stringtable.csv"
#include "SPON\Recognise\stringtable.csv"
4. Add the following two lines to your mission's "description.ext" file (Make sure that the #include for the SPON Core file comes before the include files for any other SPON components, such as SPON Recognise):
#include "SPON\Core\ui\core.hpp"
      class RscTitles
      #include "SPON\Recognise\ui\Recognise.hpp"
5. In your init.sqf file (or init.sqs), include the following line (you may need to change the parameters to suit your mission):
call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "SPON\Recognise\initRecognise.sqf";
6. If in doubt, check how it is done in the demo mission and copy that.

Limitations & Compatibility:
    * Vehicles are recognised at a range from their bounding box, not the actual model itself. This means that if you are standing quite close to a vehicle, especially a helicopter, you will recognise that vehicle, rather than the one you are looking at.
    * You can recognise things through map objects that aren't classes, such as trees and some walls.
    * You can't recognise things that are inside the bounding box of another object, such as a vehicle or building.
    * Can recognise other vehicles and infantry from inside a vehicle, even when you can't see out of that vehicle (not a massive problem, because you won't know where to look to see them!).
    * Addons and Scripts:
    o If SPON mission-script is used with SPON Recognise addon, only the addon version will be run (so ensure your addons are up to date).
    o SPON Recognise is not compatible with any other script or addon that detects key-presses (unless it uses SPON Core or Shole's DEH key-press handlers, of course).
    * Missions:
    o Warfare: No, since warfare uses its own key event handlers which overwrite the SPON ones.
    o Others: Probably OK.
Online manual: wiki

Known issues:
* If a secondary gunner position, such as on the UH60, is filled with a corpse, then that slot won't show up.
* If a secondary gunner position, such as on the UH60, is filled by someone that has been commanded to leave the vehicle, then that slot won't show up.
* [ACE mod compatibility] Recognise can be used as an exploit in order to detect if a wounded enemy is dead (because you can recognise enemy corpses, but not those that are still alive, whether conscious or not), avoiding the need to use the examine action while crouching [Reported by Michael].
* [ACE mod compatibility] Recognise can be used as an exploit in order to detect if a wounded friend is dead (because the skull icon clearly shows whether someone is dead), avoiding the need to use the examine action while crouching [Reported by Michael].

Mainly trying to prevent exploitation of the script.

Design Aims:
* Promote teamwork by improving recognition of friendly men and vehicles, without allowing "magic" recognition at long ranges.
* Aimed primarily at MP (PVP and COOP) play, but will work fine in SP.
* Avoid reliance on addons, in favour of scripting, as far as possible. Addon and 100% mission-scripts versions available!

* Some icons reworked from BIS originals (specifically the AI icon).
* Thanks to Loyalguard who gave us a decent Tags script until I could get around to rewriting mine (and I stole some of his ideas!).
* Thanks to Mandoble who told me to scrap the old SPON Recognise and do it this way instead...about a year ago ;P
* Testing by various members of the ATOW tournament.
* Thanks to everyone at BIS and OFPEC forums for testing, feedback and suggestions.
* Thanks to Solus for allowing me to include the XEH addon in the release (and, of course, for making the great addon in the first place!)

* Default maximum range to identify vehicles increased to 3m (was 1m).
* Recognition of infantry always takes precedence over vehicles, buildings and objects, so that you can now see someone even behind a vehicle or building that you can't see.

* No longer automatically detects alliances, so ALLIES recognition now acts the same as SIDE (temporarily disabled until better solution found).

* Helipads, ammo-boxes and dropped equipment completely block LOS, to a vastly greater degree than the model implies [Reported by ATOW players].
* When standing next to a vehicle, even when not looking directly at it, you will "recognise" that vehicle rather than any other vehicle or infantry you are looking at.
* Helicopters are detected in a massively larger area than the actual body of them (that is, the "LOS" hitbox is based on the size of the rotors, not the size of the actual helicopter). This error is also found with other vehicles to a lesser extent.

- Modified Default maximum range to identify infantry increased to 40m (was 20m).
- Modified Recognition now follows the line of your current weapon, if armed and on foot (still aims at the centre of the screen when in a vehicle, when unarmed or not actively using your weapon, such as when in medic or reload actions).
- Added SPON_Recog_showBackground variable to allow user to disable the solid background behind the pop-up text (defaults to false). Text is now shown with a shadow if background is not shown, so it is still visible regardless of the background colour.
- Fixed Recognises own vehicle, preventing recognition of other vehicles and infantry outside.

- Modified SPON Recognise now required SPON Core v0.5.1, in order to be compatible with other key event handlers.
- Added New corpse icon (skull).
- Added AI icon for living AI, but only in MP games.
- Fixed If SPON Recognise addon is loaded and SPON Recognise mission-scripts are run in the mission, then everything gets in a mess.

v0.2.0 - Totally redesigned and re-written, so not mentioning all the changes.

v0.1.0 - First public release at OFPEC.

Forum topic:
- website.
- BI forums

Extended eventhandlers (only needed for the addon version)

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