EMSI's ArmA Mod Launcher

EMSI has released his Arma Mod Launcher tool in the BI forums.

Quote EMSI :
Small FREE application for managing mod's created for games Operation Flashpoint, ArmA:Armed Assault (Combat Operations) and soon for ArmA2.

Main features:
    - Each MOD has own configuration file
    - Full control over MODs (Add, Edit, Copy, Remove, Start)
    - Supported Drag & Drop function for adding new MODs
    - Supported startup parameters for each MOD
    - Supported doubleclick to quick launch directly from the list of MODs
    - Application doesn't need any version of Microsoft .NET Framework!
Download the ArmA Mod Launcher from our download section.

Written on 2008-09-04 14:06 by EMSI  

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