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Date: 2008-09-19 22:48

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Basic AWACS Simulation

(download removed by request from the author.

It is a very basic Awacs Simulation. You can equip any vehicle (a DC3 would fit pretty well for this job) with AWACS functionality.

Well, you can set it up to what should it show or not. Basically it shows any Vehicle (Land, Air & Sea) inside a defined radius around the AWACS. You can set it to hide friendly vehicles, or you can set it up to only show vehicles with engine running or only moving vehicles. It also has two scan ranges. If a vehicle is outside the inner range but still inside the outer range, the marker is blue and no further Info is given to simulate "unknown" targets. Might be friendly or enemy. Find it out. A vehicle inside the inner range will show as green (friendly, if not hidden) or red (enemy) contact. Also type of vehicle is written next to the marker.

In the init line of the vehicle which should act as AWACS, write this:
nul = [this] execVM "PRACS_AWACS.sqf"; this addaction ["Toggle AWACS", "PRACS_TOGGLE_AWACS.sqf"];this addaction ["Toggle Display", "PRACS_TOGGLE_DISPLAY.sqf"]

You can change default settings by using global variables in your init.sqf:

Max scan range for the AWACS System. Contacts inside this range are marked as BLUE (Unknown).
Default: 3000m

Max range to which friend or foe recon is possible.
Friendly vehicles are GREEN and enemy vehicles are red. Also Vehicle type is shown.

Defines flight level AWACS plane have to reach for AWACs to work properly
Default: 500;

Frequency for updating markers. Simulates rotation speed of the radar dish.

Define if friendly vehicles should be shown or not.
Default: TRUE

Define if neutral vehicles should be shown or not.
Default: TRUE

Defines if non-moving vehicles should be shown or not.
Default: TRUE

Defines sides that should be considered enemy to AWACS side. Players side is sorted out automatically.
Default: [WEST, EAST];

Define sides that should be considere neutral to AWACS side. Players side is sorted out automatically.
Default: [Resistance, Civilian]

Defines if hint with additional info's should be displayed or not.
Default: TRUE

Deefines if AWACS System is enabled or disabled. Can be switched using PRACS_TOGGLE_AWACS.sqf script.
Default: FALSE

Defines if AWACS shares info about revealed enemies with friendly vehicles.
Uplink range is same as PRACS_AWACS_MAX_RANGE.
Default: TRUE

Each variable can also be changed during a mission to adapt the functionality to the missionflow, if needed.

This reworked AWACS script isn't compatible with the previous version but changing shouldn't be too time consuming.

This is a very basic simulation and may be the basis for your own adaption. Right now it doesn't care if the plane is flying or not, nor does it check if the driver is a player or AI. You may adapt it yourself to your special needs, i'm just giving the basic functionality.
Also it does not check for LOS (Line of Sight) and will therefor show vehicles behind obstacles (hills) which in reality are not visible to the AWACS radar.

- Use any vehicle/plane (DC3 would fit pretty well) as AWACS System.
- Shows all enemy vehicles inside recon range
- Show/hide friendly vehicles
- Show/hide neutral vehicles
- Show/hide non-moving vehicles
- Data uplink! Share info's with friendly units in scan range (can be disabled)
- Show AWACS stats as hint (can be disabled)
- Easy to implement. Check the readme to adapt it to personal use.

- Fixed error message as reported by Vengeance.

- first release

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