Week report #49
Work in progress

* Lost Brothers addons

    namman2 released a couple of screenshots in the BI forums showing the MiG-23, MiG-29 and Tu-22, F14 Tomcat, F-4, A4, F-15Is, MiG-27, TU-22 and SU-24.
    4-lobo_iraf.jpg 4-lobo_smig23.jpg 4-lobo_smigtu.jpg 4-lobo_f4.jpg 4-lobo_n2.jpg 4-lobo_n4.jpg

    - Armaholic forums
    - BI forums

* Project RACS

* Chilean Mod

    fabiantronc has released 2 new videos of this mod in the BI forums.

    Quote fabiantronc:
    Here are 2 videos with the Chilean Mod.

    The Leopard 2A4 will be not released for the International community because Bundeswehr Mod (BWM) and Norwegian Forces Team (NORFOR) never reply my message so I don't have permission for release that addon.
    I have permission of HD_Laeppli for use their Swiss weapons, but I only use with my team mates.

      - UH-60 FFAR and UH-60 MG will be replaced with UH-60 Transport and UH-60 Medevac.
      - Added a MK19 to a M113.
      - Animated doors for HMMWV.
      - I hope the next version will be include 2 new weapons made by Chilean Mod. HK33 and Famae SAF.

    - Armaholic forums
    - BI forums

* Project T-800

* Razani, North Waziristan Map

* 31st Normandy mod - WW2

    rip31st posted a few new screenshots in the BI forums showing the M4A4 Sherman the LCM3 boat and the moveable Pak 38.
    4420-lcm3test2.jpg 4420-lcm3test4.jpg 4420-lcm3test5.jpg 4-normandy_mod_newpak38.jpg 4-normandy_mod_newpak38_2.jpg

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* Portuguese Mod

* CSLA Mod

    Maa released a couple of new screenshots in the BI forums showing the DTP-90 and the OZ-90.
    Quote Maa :
    For CSLA conversion of Warfare (made by EMSI) and Evolution we made some new support vehicles.
    DTP-90 (D

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