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Requirements: No addons required

Version: Beta v2.0
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Date: 2009-03-14 09:28

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Eurofighter Typhoon

This is a conversion of Hardrock's BWmod's Opf Eurofighter addon.

- Spec/Normal Maps
- Full special FX package (sonic/wingtip/afterburner)
- Fully animated air speedbrake
- Modified flight model
- XEH compatible
- 6 x AIM-9
- 1 x Mauser 27mm 200rnd cannon
- 7 x custom skin by eddyD
- 1 x original Ofp skin

Place the .pbo file(s) into your ArmA/Addons folder or use a modfolder. advices to use a mod folder for custom addons. For an extensive explanation of hot do make/use modfolders please have a look at our FAQ.

Included files:

Change log:
Beta 1.1
- added a strike version with 6 x Gu12's

Beta 2.0
- Cockpit texture tweaked now shows MFD information (not animated) thanks to Namman2
- Revised and improved HUD - now much brighter and has target box on AA weapons
- Normal/Spec maps improvements
- GBU12 now changed to self locking
- BIS Lantrin model installed for Strike aircraft
- addon now comes with the texture template, so end users can create there own colour schemes

Credits & Thanks:
This is a conversion of Hardrock's BWmod addon from Opf to Arma.

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