WIP report - A&B Predator Mod
Work in progress
ArMaTeC from the website sent us some new info about the upcoming release of the A&B Predator Mod and also showed us new ingame screenshots in his gallery.
Here is a list of what this mod will contain:
    * RUS
      1 x UAV Launcher
      1 x Hermes 450 HellFire
      1 x Hermes 450 GBU
      1 x GCS (Desert)
      1 x GCS (woodlands)
      1 x Pchela
      1 x UAV Operator
    * USA
      1 x PiaseckiClassII
      1 x Hunter
      1 x Firescout
      1 x Predator B HellFire
      1 x Predator B GBU
      1 x UAV Launcher
      1 x DGT
      1 x PPSL (Desert)
      1 x PPSL (woodlands)
      1 x GCS (Desert)
      1 x GCS (woodlands)
      1 x Shad
4-predator_mod_101.png 4-predator_mod_102.png 4-predator_mod_103.png 4-predator_mod_104.png 4-predator_mod_105.png 4-predator_mod_106.png 4-predator_mod_107.png 4-predator_mod_108.png 4-predator_mod_109.png

You can view many more ingame screenshots of this Predator Mod in the gallery.

Written on 2008-10-14 21:21 by ArMaTeC  

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