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Requirements: No addons required

Version: Beta 1.1
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Date: 2008-10-17 16:51

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Sukhoi Su-27

This is a conversion of Hardrock's BWmod's Opf Eurofighter addon which comes in three different cersions:
    CAP - 4 x R73 4 x R27 AA missiles
    CAS - 4 x CH29 Missiles, 2 x R27 AA missiles, 40x S8T rockets
    LGB - 4 x KAB-500 laser guided bombs, 4 x R27 AA missiles
- Multiple weapon loadouts
- Normal/Spec maps
- Full special fx package (sonic boom/wingtips/afterburners)by Lethal edited by Gnat and further modified by the Project RACS Mod/Scars)
- 3 x custom textures thanks to EddyD
- Scrips work thanks to namman2
- Binarized PBO
- Templates for creating your own textures again thanks to EddyD
- XEH xompatible
- Modified flight model
- Random numbering

Place the .pbo file(s) into your ArmA/Addons folder or use a modfolder. advices to use a mod folder for custom addons. For an extensive explanation of hot do make/use modfolders please have a look at our FAQ.

Included files:

Change log:
Beta 1.1
- animations error

Beta 1.0
- initial release

Future plans:
Shadow LOD's
Damage textures
revised HUD information

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- Armaholic forums

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