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Version: 0.3

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Date: 2006-12-02 22:04

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Welcome to the 6th Sense ArmA Choppersound Patcher by Sickboy

This patch changes the volumes of the chopper sounds in Armed Assault (*) to a lower level,
as many are annoyed by the current volumes. Please supply feedback!
Please make sure that you do not have Hardware Acceleration enabled in the game,
as there seems to be a bug that causes all sounds to be even louder!

Official patches will probably adress these things, but until then; enjoy mine!

More info incl. FAQ in the BIS Forums Thread:;f=70;t=55179
(Please do not e-mail/pm me for support, but use the thread for assistance)

Version History :
v0.3 - Fixed Modfolder method
v0.2 - Added the ability to install it the modfolder way :)
v0.1 - Initial version; First sound volume tests; need feedback!

Before you begin :
� Please make sure you've read the disclaimer!
� Please make sure ArmA is not running (Game Closed!) when you are applying the patches
� The patcher backups most files as {originalfilename}.bak, but.. as always... make backups yourself aswell!
� The patch of coarse only works if you still have the Official AddOns\air.pbo
if you edited them or replaced them by others, get the originals from your dvd and
overwrite the ones in your installation folder, then upgrade to the official v1.01, then run my patcher(s).
Some files are packed with Gzip (.gz), you can use WinRAR to unpack them (
If it is too problematic, just reinstall your game :)
� In certain configurations, Windows will hide the file extensions, this could result in
Windows Explorer not displaying .bat behind the mentioned filenames, don't mind it.

This Patch is known to work with ArmA Versions :
LANG: German, Czech
GAMEVER: v1.0, v1.01

How to Install :
Unpack this patcher directly into your ArmA folder.
From this release's @6thSense\tools folder, run the following files:

You can install this patch by patching your original files (method 1) or by using the modfolder way (method 2)

Method 1 :
Run 6th-ArmA_sound_patch.bat
Follow instructions on screen. When a .bat file is finished, it says: "Patching done! Have fun!"

Method 2 :
Run 6th-ArmA_sound_patch-modfolder.bat
Follow instructions on screen. When a .bat file is finished, it says: "Patching done! Have fun!"
Add behind the armed assault shortcut: -mod=@6th-Choppersound
It should look like this, mind the quotes:
�C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\arma.exe� �mod=@6th-editorupdate

If you have multiple mods, spread them with semicolon, e.g:

Here is an explaination for OFP, it works the same with ArmA, might help yah! TheAvonLady FAQ:

After successful installation you can delete the .bat file(s) and even the whole release folder as you wish.
We are very sorry for the (minor) complexity of the installation, but we, as we are only fans just like you,
wish to be on the safe side concerning Copyrights etc., nor want to piss off anyone, that's why we choose this road!

Check the links.htm for some handy ArmA links ;-)

Have fun out there! Watch for more 6th Sense coming your way!
6th Sense - Share the Spirit -

Special Thanks & Salute to :
Bohemia Interactive Studios for their great games and 'not from this world's mod(ability)' support!
� All Addon/Mod/Mission Makers or other contributors to the Flashpoint/ArmA franchise!

Disclaimer :
� Nobody will take any responsebility if these files blow up your computer, or turn your dog into a bat, etc. :) Use at own risk!
� This release is NOT affiliated with Bohemia Interactive Studios, Idea Games or any other ArmA official in any way,
nor are these files in any way supported by them.
� The package or any parts of it will never and may not ever be used to acquire money or other kinds of profits/gains.
� The package may be freely distributed when all included files are kept intact, in original state,
as long as proper credits are given!
� Individual distribution of any of the included files except this Readme file is strictly prohibited!
� Any public (re)release done by others is strictly prohibited!
� None of the included files, or parts of these files may be used in other projects without specific authorization!
� The used Xdelta.exe patcher is released under the GPL License, free to distribute.
� The used patcher.exe is from a shareware version of ASTA Binary Patcher, free to distribute with patches.
(All Rights Reserved to the respective owners)

* Armed Assault/ArmA, Copyright by Bohemia Interactive Studios & Idea Games (All Rights Reserved to the respective owners)

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