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Requirements: No addons required
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Version: 1.3

Date: 2009-01-03 17:57

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Your mission is to recapture OPFOR occupied territory. Every game renders random 6 from 21 missions, OPFOR has random skills and is of random size.

Use Radio and "actions" for:
    - medkit
    - show players on the map
    - call airsupport, HMVV or ammo
    - recruit soldier
    - create vehicle
Place the pbo file in your ArmA\MPMissions folder.

How to get points:
+10 Finish a mission and take part in the dangerZone
+1 kill OPFOR soldier
+5 Destroy OPFOR equipment
+5 Heal other players
+x Fly a player to the current objective 1p.p.
+2 A deathpremium for dying in the dangerZone
+5 Send an alive AI_recruit away
+5 Make a basejump longer then 10 sec.

How to use points:
-5 Parajump direct into the action (Flagpole BASE)
-10 Call in a HMMV_M2 (Radio)
-10 Call in a weaponcrate (Radio)
-5 Repair a vehicle (Actionmenu)
-15 Rearm a vehicle (Actionmenu)
-x Buy a car -1p., tank -20p. or airplane -30p. (Flagpoles)
-10 Recruit a rifleman (Radio)

Tips and information:
0 Destroy the OPFOR HQ_radio to end enemy respawn
1 Find your team on the map with the radio "Show players" (if medic needed shows redCross)
2 Find the current objective on the map with the word "HERE" on the notepad or ask radio "Current mission"
3 You can get a parachute for a basejump at the Sahrani map where you spawn
4 You can only heal a player ones in 2 minutes
5 The dangerZone is the redcircle at the current objective
6 On the map red dots popup at the current objective where infantery is spotted
7 On the map you find civil. vehicle spawning flagpoles at green crossshaped marks
8 You can only repair and rearm our own vehicles
9 For fun some hardware is hidden on the island
10 All BASE vehicles will respawn if no Player or AI-recruit is within 500 meters of a vehicle. So get an AI- soldier to guard your chopper if you want to keep it.

Change log:
- Added lift armored vehicles with UH60
- Repair and rearm "actionmenu" added to created airplanes
- When you repair/rearm a vehicle it's also refueled
- You can recruit 4 AI-soldiers when there are less then 3 players
- AI-recruits can be healed (You only get points for healing human players)
- Default objectives count changed from 6 into 4 (can be changed at start of game)
- Respawntime base choppers changed (so they can be repaired before respawn)
- Changed distance heal other players
- extra termination points added to end loops in UPSrespawn and vehiclerespawn scripts
- Performance tweak by reducing OPFOR when with more then 8 players
- rewrote missionSuccess trigger
- changed some messages

- Host can select gameduration with 8, 6, 4 or 2 missions
- Added OPFOR HQ in occupied villages (destroy HQ_radioAntenna to end respawn)
- player gets score as pilot for flown in players
- medkit can now only heal others and you get 5 points
- added Basejump "action" and you get 5 points for longJumps +10 seconds
- parajump is now -5 not -10 points
- player can repair a vehicle in 20 seconds for -5 points
- player can rearm any vehicle with weapons in 20 seconds for -15 points
- added cargo lift to UH60 (Mandoble)
- icon added for players that need medical attention
- deathpremium for dying in the dangerZone 3 points
- respawning vehicles are seen as abandoned if no Players or AI-recruit is within 500 meters of a vehicle
- added weapons in "ammobox call"; M24, M240, M4A1SD, M136
- Specific armed vehicles can be selected at flagpoles; M1A,Vulcan,M113,Stryker
- HQ rebuild
- Added compact instructions and tips in the briefing
- modified OPFOR reinforcement
- "called in UH60" script changed (does not hang still for no reason)
- 24 players
- keep whole mission.pbo under 300 kb
- parajump back to HQ from flagpoles in Villages
- tune scripts

- no ammo at weaponbox fixed
- parajump height-consistency fixed
- removed "TT650C" (sudden deathbug ArmA)
- changed from 10 to 16 players
- use correct name "[co16] JointCooperations v1.1"
- added Spetsnaz version "[co16] JointCooperations RED v1.1"
- lowered chance of a baseattack
- adjust balance OPFOR mancount
- delete dead playerbody to 6 seconds
- changed random missions in one game from 6 to 5
- tweaked endscript
- small cosmetic changes

Credits & Thanks:
I learned from, used and adjusted many scripts from the ARMA community. Three of them are more or less close to the original. Those are:
- USP script / Kronzky
- Coop essential pack / -eutf-Myke
- Dropit script / Kronzky
- Vehiclerespawn / Norrin

Special thanks to them and everyone else who makes scripts and maps.

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