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Date: 2008-10-20 07:10

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Eliminate Mouse-Auto-Center

This modification provides a means to eliminate the unwanted mouse-auto-center "feature" while mouse driving that has been plaguing many members of the ArmA community since vanilla ArmA was released. (Installation instructions are in the contained full readme.)

Please read the Readme file included for a complete guide about how to install it.

PPJoy version 0.82 (or greater)

GlovePIE version 0.30 (or greater)

Always ensure the GlovePIE script provided is running.

Just toggle it on and off using the keystroke defined in the GlovePIE script. (I defaulted it to the TAB key, but feel free to reassign it. Do a find on "Tab" and change it there if you like.)

Note that there are plenty of cases where you will want to toggle it off and regain x-axis control of your joystick.

Known issues:
During mouse-auto-center elimination, Mouse-Look steers the vehicle, and it should not. This is at the top of the list for fixing. Already have an idea on how to fix that for a future release.

Due to the necessity of sensitivity tuning (see Installation step 10 in the full readme), during mouse-auto-center elimination, the maximum allowable resulting steering sensitivity in-game is a bit lower than I'd like it. It's far from intolerable... Anything to eliminate the mouse-auto-center!

Setup is a little bit painful. If anyone sees a way to streamline it, please, I'm all ears.
edit: The more I think about it, I'd really consider this release both an addon (because it contains scripting), but perhaps more importantly a guide, because everyone's setups are a bit different. You will see what I mean when you check out the full readme. In the mean time I kind of view it as a race to see which one of you will get everything up and running properly first... smooth as silk with no back-talk from your mouse. Just got to get it set up properly once and you are good to go.

Credits & Thanks:
This addon is dedicated to all of our ArmA community members afflicted by this dreaded hardship of mouse-auto-centering for so long. This addon would not have been possible without all of you.

First of all, can't forget to thank BIS for this wonderfully modifiable game. Lets get a toggle for this mouse-auto-center thing next time! My social life needn't suffer any more than it already has making this.

Many thanks to Blazin, Average Joe, layne-suhr, madine75, alef, sparks50, nuxil, Q, 4 IN 1, Kremator, ck-claw, MehMan, and zGuba for your support and ideas. You guys gave me the energy to finish this.

Particular thanks to alef for pointing me in the right direction by mentioning PPJoy and GlovePIE. Ironically, he laid out the roadmap over 2 months before I saw the light!

Finally, thanks to my longtime friend and roommate Lito. Time and time again, she has put up with my binge programming sessions. She even chips in an idea and sometimes sits down to help me squash a bug every now and again. Sometimes it helps to have a Java programmer around.

If I happened to have missed anyone, please let me know.

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