~R3F~ Launcher updated !

Clint leader of the team ~R3F~ has released an updated version of his ArmA launcher tool on BIS forums.

~R3F~ Launcher now supports French and English languages !
This tool allows you to launch your game with addons the most easiest way !
Features included :
    - Automatic detection of the addons
    - Settings management by profile
    - Arma servers list
    - Arma profiles management
    - Players faces management
    - Custom sounds management
    - Squads management
    - Possibility to use it for other teams
    - Automatic updates
    - Does not use .NET librairies
    And some usefull options like make a shortcut on your desktop with all parameters of your choice. Thus, no need to run the R3FLauncher the next time.

Source : Team ~R3F~

Written on 2008-11-01 22:55 by Clint  

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