Week report #52
Work in progress

* vietnamese GMC Boxer Police

    DaGuy has showed some screenshots of the vehicle he is working on, on our forums.

    Quote DaGuy:
    I'm working on a vietnamese GMC Boxer Police.
    The GMC Boxer is a APC and is going to replace older APC's in some countries.
    The Model is completely new as the other things.
    At the moment I occoured some problems with the tyres and the shadows.

    I do also plan a version with a MG4 on the top.

    4420-daguy_police_01.jpg 4420-daguy_police_02.jpg 4420-daguy_police_03.jpg

    - Armaholic forums

* Delta Force Mod

    Delta-1 informed us in our forums he is working on a new Delta Forces Mod.
    Quote Delta-1 :

    well im announcing it and im about 60 - 65 % done with the whole thing.
    It wil include some airplanes, UCAV's, weapons , APC's and units.
      Delta Force Soliders/ Operators: 20 %
      M40/M24 Varient: 60%
      M8: 30%
      Mh60l: 40 %
      F5E: 20 %
      F20: 20%
      "kill house": 90%
      Islands (2): 20 %
      Desert Bradley Transport: 10 %
      And much more

    4-dfm_hmmwv.jpg 4-dfm_m16.jpg 4-dfm_m16a3.jpg 4-dfm_uav.jpg

    - Armaholic forums

* Mercenaries Vehicles pack

    EMERY informed us in our forums that rubenwoulf and the mercenary's clan with help from rico from the ADF mod will soon be releasing as soon as possible, some reskins of
      MERC-md-500 1''
      MERC-md-500 2''
      MERC-rep truck''
      MERC-fule truck''
      MERC-ammo truck''

    4420-mercs_mh6_01.jpg 4420-mercs_mh6_02.jpg 4420-mercs_mh6_03.jpg

    - Armaholic forums
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* 31st Normandy mod -WW2

    During the week xEnigmax posted many new wip scrrenshots in our forums showing the sturmgeschutz III (Stug III), Quad .50 cal mobile anti air platform, He-111, Flak 36 88mm Anti Air/Tank Gun and a lot more.
    4-normandy_mod_burners_dodge.jpg 4-normandy_mod_b_dodge1.jpg 4-normandy_mod_he111_x1.jpg 4-normandy_mod_johns_881.jpg 4-normandy_mod_m16.jpg

    - Armaholic forums

* Project '85

    topas informed us in our forums about the texturing work he has been doing on the T-55 family by Archbishop Lazarus.
    4-project85_55bzy5.jpg 4-project85_55csa6.jpg 4-project85_55dsv0.jpg 4-project85_552ut4.jpg 4-project85_551jr0.jpg 4-project85_55zf4.jpg

    - Armaholic forums

* Mercenaries

* Lost Brothers addons

    Miles Teg released 2 new screenshots in the BI forums showing their historic Egyptian forces and the Egyptian BTR-152.
    4-lobo_historic_egyptians1.jpg 4-lobo_historic_egyptians2.jpg 4-lobo_egypt_btr152_1.jpg
    4-lobo_osaii_1.jpg 4-lobo_osaii_2.jpg

    - Armaholic forums
    - BI Forums

* AAN - ArmA Navy

    [APS]Gnat posted a new video showing the Sparviero class Hidrofoils armed with 1 Oto-Melara 76 mm gun and 2 Otomat SSMs (info by mankyle ) in the BI forums.

    - Armaholic forums
    - BI forums

* Battle Of Fallujah Map

    Mod info: Rebl Man informed the community he and pillum have been working on a new map for over a year. The map is not yet finished.

    Quote Rebl Man :
    I am working on an map called "Fallujah", We worked on it since a year now with my great friend pillum and we didn't finish it yet.
    We need some help to complete the map, we are looking for people with all kind of skills, If you like to join us contact us.
    Thanks to Opteryx, Pillum.

    4-battle_of_fallujah_map_1.jpg 4-battle_of_fallujah_map_2.jpg 4-battle_of_fallujah_map_3.jpg 4-battle_of_fallujah_map_4.jpg

    - Armaholic forums
    - BI forums

* Spearhead

    Col. Faulker has posted some news on the BIS Forums.

    Quote: Col. Faulker
    Well, after much swearing and hair-pulling I have now managed to get one of my soldier models into the game
    (British infantry of 1975-1980 in Fighting Order)

    4-spearhead_12.jpg 4-spearhead_13.jpg 4-spearhead_14.jpg

    - Armaholic forums
    - BI forums

* Aushilfes Addons

    And again Aushilfe posted a few new screenshots on the BI forums showing some more progress of the Su-30.

    Quote Aushilfe
    Here are some new screens, first LOD is complete, the others need to be checked.
    The Cockpit is textured now, but details need to be added to the texture and some tweaks made.
    The Su is featuring multi-wepaon loadouts now. Weaponstatus is displayed on the HUD and on the Panel.
    Updated the HUD, more visablity at daytimes. Ammmuntionscount for GSh301 and S-8T Rockets displayed.
    All Animations are working, the ladders will disappear when engine is turned on. Concept works are done, the testphase will start soon, after i tweaked the textures and reduced the number of used textures to the minimum.
    An Upgraded Su-34 Addon with the same features will follow.

    4-suwopanel2.jpg 4-suwopanel1.jpg 4-supilotpanel2.jpg

    4-su30runwaycockpit.jpg 4-su30runway.jpg

    - Armaholic forums
    - BI forums

Credits for WIP reports:
    * Grimfist
    * vikk
    * [MCF] Frantz
    * Foxhound

Remember that you can check the progress of these and other addons/mods in our WIP Forums.
If you want to be sure your own project is covered in our WIP report post about it in our WIP fourms, it will then always be added!

Written on 2008-10-26 22:18 by Armaholic  

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