Week report #53
Work in progress

* SA-6 Gainful Fire Control Radar

    brownmab53 informed us in our forums he is working on a SA-6 Gainful Fire Control Radar.
    Quote brownmab53 :
    I really like Scar's 2K12 Kub AKA SA-6 "Gainful" SAM. I am currently working on my first addon: The Straight Flush FCR (Fire Control Radar) to go with that SA-6 Gainful missile system.
    After making the base model, my addon making expertise has been tapped out. I had very little trouble making the model, but I am unable to make / incoporate the rest of the stuff such as textures, animations, crew, or cargo. I know that this is a very general question, but can anyone lend a hand?

    Below you will find some pictures of the FCR mounted on a ZSU chassis and the FCR in Oxygen 2.

    4-sa-6_gainfull_fcr.jpg 4-sa-6_gainfull_fcr_sa-6fcr.jpg 4-sa-6_gainfull_fcr_bulldozer.jpg

    - Armaholic forums

* 31st Normandy mod - WW2

    xEnigmax released more wip screenshots in our forums showing different new vehicles which will be part of this mod.
    4-normandy_mod_m163.jpg 4-normandy_mod_m164.jpg 4-normandy_mod_pz42.jpg 4-normandy_mod_pz4z.jpg 4-normandy_mod_pz5.jpg 4-normandy_mod_sher.jpg 4-normandy_mod_willy1.jpg 4-normandy_mod_m261a.jpg 4-normandy_mod_horsawjeep3.jpg
    4-normandy_mod_horsawjeep1.jpg 4-normandy_mod_c47tow.jpg

    - Armaholic forums

* Mercenaries Vehicles pack

    EMERY posted some new screenshots and a video of their upcoming mercenaries vehicle reskins pack. Here is the Hummvee :
    4420-mercs_humvee_01.jpg 4420-mercs_humvee_02.jpg 4420-mercs_hummvee_03.jpg

    - Armaholic forums

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* Aushilfes Addons

* VZ58 Czech assault rifle

    Calypso has informed us he is working on his first add-on, a Czech VZ58 assault rifle.

    - Armaholic forums

* Project RACS

* CSLA Mod

    TheSun released a couple of new screenshots in the BI Forums showing his MI-17 conversion to a MI8.
    Quote TheSun:
    Hi there, I'm pleased to show you our modification on BI Mi-17 which we turned into Mi-8T. I've made a new reskin and changed the interior textures so there's no more the original camoed interior. Pylons for rocket pods are also made from scratch.
    So far we have two versions ready, basic cargo version and version armed with four UB-16-57 rocket pods (counting 64 S-5 rockets).

    We're also going to create a semi-fictional version armed with two machineguns and removed rear cargo door. One light machinegun (Uk-59L) for a door gunner and a heavy machinegun (Uk-59T) mounted on the rear of the chopper.

    4420-csla_mi17_01.jpg 4420-csla_mi17_02.jpg 4420-csla_mi17_03.jpg

    Additionally Maa released a small teaser video as well.

    - BI Forums
    - Armaholic forums

* Project '85

* Footmunch's F-5E

    Footmunch is back in action once again ! He posted a picture of his upcoming F-5E model in the BIS forums wip topic.
    Quote Footmunch :
    Upgrade/conversion of old model - still lots to do. Around 2400 polys at the moment.


    - Armaholic forums
    - BI forums

* Army of the Czecho-Slovak

    petrtlach has released some new sreenshots on the BI forums showing the ZB 30 J with tripod ZB206 and lots more.
    4-acs_167.jpg 4-acs_172.jpg 4-acs_173.jpg 4-acs_175.jpg 4-acs_179.jpg 4-acs_180.jpg

    you can find more info about the mod at the CSA38 fourms

    - Armaholic forums
    - bi fourms

* Al Amiriya

Credits for WIP reports:
    * xEnigmax
    * somebody
    * enad
    * vikk
    * Lamport
    * [MCF] Frantz
    * Foxhound

Remember that you can check the progress of these and other addons/mods in our WIP Forums.
If you want to be sure your own project is covered in our WIP report post about it in our WIP fourms, it will then always be added!

Written on 2008-11-02 21:29 by Armaholic  

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