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Requirements: SLA Desert Troops v1.2, OPFOR Desert Pack, Desert US Vehicle Pack, US SF Units, RHS Hind,LowFly's EditorUpdate, G85 editor, South Sahrani Island, AimPoint Desert Weapons Pack, eddyD Air 2
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2008-11-23 10:07

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BlackHawk Coop Campaign

Campaign based on the BlackHawk theme. The idea is to have desert missions where a sandstorm can make the difference between being spotted or not.

It contains 5 missions, one of them is the famous Black Hawk Down one and some different ones where for example you will have to capture a well-defended city with artillery support.

It comes in English and Spanish.

Background history:
August 2007. Elite American soldiers Soldiers are sent to South Sahrani as part of a UN peace operation. Our intentions are to save lives, not to destroy them.

But the incomprehensible SLA policy and the famine it provokes forces the UN to prepare a mission to capture the Prime Minister Ramirez and finish with this war which is taking so much time.

You will go through different missions: defense, sabotage and capture some SLA well-defended strongholds. And you will also have to deal with an inhospitable weather full of sandstorms with difficult your progress.

Good luck soldier.

*9 Player
*Player revive Player (by Norrin)
*Base respawn

Extract the pbo files to your ArmA\MPMissions folder.

Credits and Thanks:
I want to thank all Clan -=GIR=- members "" for helping me to test and polish some details of the mission, which will make all ArmA lovers enjoy this campaign.
I also want to thank Big (ARMAHOLIC) for his collaboration making the English translation.

- SLA Desert Troops v1.2 (outdated addon ---> right-click and save as... to download this old version)
- OPFOR Desert Pack
- Desert US Vehicle Pack
- US SF Units
- RHS Hind
- LowFly's EditorUpdate
- G85 editor
- South Sahrani Island
- AimPoint Desert Weapons Pack
- eddyD Air 2

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