ArmA Medic AI-disabled revive script updated to v0.2c
Editing and Scripts

norrin informed us he has again released an updated version of his more realistic revive script "ArmA Medic_AI_Disabled Revive_SQF" on the BI forums.
Yesterday norrin already addressed a couple of problems with this script, such as players falling unconscious again the moment they are revived.
Today he released version 0.2c which also fixes the mission_end function and an error message caused by bleeding AI players.

Differences from normal AI_disabled script:
    - Depending on where a player is hit there is a possibility that the player will die rather than fall unconscious, the more times a player has fallen unconscious the more likely he will die each time (there is a maximum of 3 respawns if you

Written on 2008-12-18 12:00 by norrin  

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