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Date: 2008-11-28 17:47

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General Dynamics F-111 - bomber
Skaircro - converted to Arma by Southy with permission thanks to the ADF Mod

The General Dynamics F-111 is a medium-range interdictor and tactical strike aircraft that also fills the roles of strategic bomber, reconnaissance and electronic warfare in its various versions. Developed in the 1960s and first entering service in 1967, the United States Air Force (USAF) variants were officially retired by 1998. The only remaining operator of the F-111 is the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

This version of the addon will be a USAF only only, as I'm making dedicated one for the ADF mod.
It comes in 6 different versions (All version have the Pave Tack aiming system for the gunner):
    - 2 x AgM-142 (Grey)
    - 18x Mk82 High drag bombs (camo/grey)
    - 12 x GBU-12 (Camo/Grey)
    - 4 x GBU-10 (Grey)
* Fully integrated gunners position
* Normal/Spec maps
* Full special fx package (Afterburner, sonic boom and vapour, Special FX by Lethal edited by Gnat and further modified by the Project RACS Mod/Scars)
* 2 x Custom textures thanks to EddyD
* Binarized PBO
* XEH xompatible
* Animated swing wings
* Working cockpit lifted straight from the BIS Un60

Just extract the pbo in the ArmA\Addons folder and you should be good to go.
Or (as we always recommend) use mod folders to keep your mods organized and prevent errors.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included files:


To do:
shadow LOD's
Damage textures

Known issues:
cockpit animations for the gunner appear out of sync
wingtips special FX are not animated with the swing wings

As before this is beta 1, so you will find bugs, just reference them below when you find them.

A big thanks to Rico from the ADF mod firstly for letting me convert this aircraft and secondly for all the helpful advice on the weapon loadouts.

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