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Requirements: No addons required
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Version: 1.5

Date: 2007-03-04 22:03

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Mission Name: Red Hotel
Game mode: Coop
Number of players: 1-6
Addon's required: None

Mission Version: 1.0
Release Date: 06 December 2006
Works with ArmA version: 1.0
Difficulty: Normal

Weather/Time: Sunny, 4am
Map region/towns: Vallejo Valley Hotel
Typical mission duration: 15-30 mins
Core game style: Special Forces
Scale: 6 SF attack Hotel full of Russian Platoon
Size: 120kb
Mission created by: Matt Rochelle

Detailed scenario description/objectives:
- Stage 1: Capture Hotel

Story/background: The Russian forces have taken over a hotel in the Vallejo Valley. This attack was uncalled for, we are sending in SF to clear the place of all the Russian soldiers.

Place into your BI/ArmA/MPMissions Folder


- Updated All Scripts
- Added Urban Patrol Script
- Added JIP Compatibility
- Less Enemy Inside the Hotel (More Outside)
- Civilians in the area
- Added Enemy Support
- Added Medkit Option for player [1 Use Only]
- And a lot more things.. have a look :P

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