Molotov Cocktail scripts by JohnnyBoy
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JohnnyBoy has released a new script on the OFPEC forums which adds Molotov Cocktails to your loadout and it works for the AI as well.

Quote JohnnyBoy :
My Xmas gift to the community: Molotov Cocktails!

New script for AI and Player to throw Molotov Cocktails.
Script Features:
    1. Thrown grenade replaced by a bottle object.
    2. Bottle in-flight has flame and smoke trail.
    3. Bottle impact has glass breaking sound effect.
    4. Flame appears at point of impact (i.e., half-way up a wall, on the ground, side or roof of vehicle).
    5. Flame attaches and moves with vehicles.
    6. Men hit with molotov cocktails will burn and die.
    7. Unarmored vehicles will take slow burn damage and eventually explode.
    8. Fires have burn sound effect.
    9. Men scream when burned.
You can view a demo video by clicking "Read more".



Written on 2008-12-20 21:57 by Foxhound  

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