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Requirements: A.C.E Island Pack
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2008-12-28 07:07

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Serg's DM ArmA CTI@zz

# Vehicle DM (1 RPG, 3 Satchels and AK for emergency)
# 16 playable slots, 5 second respawn
# Mission time fixed 15 minutes
# AI is a somewhat decent DM partner or do PvP
# Customizable viewdistance: "500m" to "50km"
# Customizable vehicle set: "Tanks only","Choppers only","Planes only","Ground only",
"Air only","No Planes","No Choppers","No Statics","All"
# Random mission area anywhere on each available terrain
# Beams choppers and planes into the air after a short delay to allow smooth air battles
# Automatically integrates units if available on both the server and client.
# Mission packed as addon. This allows to have 61 mission in 1 MB.

Right now it's a bit of a hassle as the mission is an addon. This means there is no server download, yet it has to be downloaded like an addon from the web and put into an addons folder. The mission will be integrated into the ACEIP in the next version at least.

Credits & Thanks:
# Serg for base template
# Sickboy for leet scripts and much help

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- A.C.E Island Pack

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