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Requirements: No addons required
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Version: 2.0

Date: 2006-12-10 18:59

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Co-op mission for 1-43 players.

Place it into the "Missions" folder in ArmA's main folder.

Quite a simple scenario. You play as the US forces on the Rahmadi island. Your task is to gain a foothold into the main island by capturing Arcadia. How you do it is entirely, 100% up to you.

Under your command:

2x groups of pilots (3 men each)
2x groups of crewmen (3 men each)
3x squads of infantry (9 men each)
1x squad of special forces (4 men)
1x AH-6 helicopter
1x UH-60 helicopter
2x MH-6 helicopter
1x Stryker ICV
2x M113 APCs
2x 5t Open w/ machine gun trucks
3x RICX boats
2x Infatable boats
1x each of repair, ammo and fuel trucks.

Nothing is known about the enemy's strength.

The way I see it, you have several options:

1. Attack from the air - bomb the place to hell with the AH-6 then use the UH-60 and MH-6 to land the troops.
2. Make a landing beside the town, create a staging area there, then move on and attack the town from there.
3. Make a sea landing with the M113's and the Stryker (don't know if it can swim).

REMEMBER: Unless you have 30 people playing this mission, leave the AI on - not only for the respawns, but for the simple fact that you'll need every single man you can spare. It's a hard mission.
If you can, tell all your players to take up Squad Leader positions.

You can advance time by using the Radio feature - for Special Forces kinda stuff.


- Briefing. My first ever, so it's a little rough.

- An actual ending. Yes.

- Made the mission a little easier and less frustrating. I moved a Shilka to a more approachable position, I removed AT soldiers from patrols, etc.

- RESPAWN! Die, and you take over an AI soldier.

- AMMO CRATES! A shitload of crates that contain pretty much every single weapon ever.

Please tell me if you have any suggestions, feedback or if you find bugs. My e-mail and GeorgeLeBoui is my AIM.

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