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Date: 2009-01-12 12:47

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sc9 ships

This addon contains 3 ships for Independent (RACS), one ship for OPFOR, a civilian freightship as real ship and as static object.
This addon also contains 2 retextured BIS Units (officerE and officerG) to fit as crew for the ships and a static object to be used as naval contact mine.

The Ships are intended and pre-configured to use mando missiles addon (recommended but not needed). Placement of the mando missiles gamelogic is enough to activate the system. the system cant be deactivated, but additional usermade missilecapabilities should be possible (not tested). The implementation of the missiles is far from perfect at the moment nevertheless it is a "plug and play" solution to use mando missiles in a navy battle without any sripting skills from the user needed. For general information on mando missiles check the link above.
Full credits for the scripted missile system to mandoble, please dont bother him with issues you have with sc9_ships1/mando missiles.

The static Freightship is intended as missionobjective allowing
the players to walk around and fight CQB with the enemy.
It has building positions to allow easy placement of ai units.
Exact placement in editor is needed, use the empty version, not the one on civilian side.
Always do high adjustment by writing something like this in the initline of the static freight ship:
this setpos [getpos this select 0, getpos this select 1, .1]

This addon is very basic atm but should have the mainfeatures it needs to test general functionality.
please be aware that weatherchanges or changes of daytime or even worse seasons
result in different water levels, and a pefectly placed ship will be in air or filled with water a few hours later.

The flak turrets of the frigate are locked for players.

Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included .pbo files:

This addon is work in progress. It is a one man project.
It contains fictional units of fictional navies, realism was no criteria. any coincidents in naming with real life units or weapons happend accidently.

Known issues:
- the frigate has a totally weird geometry earning her the
project name "flying dutchman".
- only a script keeps her at place when hit by a missile, this looks weird,
but not as weird as a flying ship so for now you will have to live with it.
- rpt errors, i started to reduce them allready but this will take more time.
- too many selections, quickly reduced as far as possible.
- the crew are headbangers and show incredible flexibility with their heads.
- the helideck work sometimes, depending on the waterdeep i guess.
- scripted helitransport is not implemented at this time.
- Arma missiles will in most cases not fit to the launcher positions, i tried
to find a good mixture, but it still looks strange.
- On some islands the ships dont move at all, no clue why.
- thousand other things i am aware of, but cant remember right now.

Credits & thanks:
Mandoble for his mando missiles...godlike scripting - -
Best Lemming for his Google Sketch Up Model of the Nanuchka Class Missile Boat, i used it as resource for my model.
Freeship aka Delftship from - -
Maintexture of the freighter is a free texture from
Bohemia Interactive Studios - -
Special thanks to Project RACS for allowing me to use their navy roundel.
- -

Thanks to BIS for the game and the support.
Thanks to all the guys and gals of the official forums that share their wisdom and contribute with material or feedback.
Thanks to wiebke, she did my work when i was doing arma stuff at work.
Thanks to Jupp and Ryan for MP Test sessions.

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