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Version: 1.0

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Date: 2006-12-23 02:07

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FAC pack
Al Simmons

This addon adds a new soldier (west>Al Simmons addons>Spec OP (FAC) ) to your Arma.
Its thought for MP, but works in SP also (sometimes AI needs some time to react).
2nd part of this addon are the invisible targets (sometimes AI needs some time to react, here too)

Just extract the pbo(s) file(s) into your ArmA\Addons folder or use the modfolder method (recommended).

Included files:

U find the FAC-Soldier @ West>Al Simmons addons>Spec Op (FAC)
U find the invisible Targets @ empty>Al Simmons addons> xxx

Weapon classnames:
"ASSmokeshellsg" -> Throwweapon for my nades

Magazine classnames:
"ASstrobeIRmag" -> adds an IR-Strobelight to inventory, used to mark targets, can be locked by AH1 and AH6
"ASstrobelasermag" -> adds an Strobelight to inventory, used to mark targets, can be locked by AV8 Bombs

"ASSmokeShellblau" \
"ASSmokeShellrot" \
"ASSmokeShellgelb" ]> Smokeshells, the red one looks black at night tru NVGs
"ASSmokeShelllila" /
"ASFlashbangmag" -> adds a simple flashbang which detonates 4 times when thrown

Known issues:
-placeholder modells
-inventory pics
-no AI-Viewblock
-no stunning thru lashbang

Future changes:
-fix the known issues

Credits & Thanks:
-Lester[Mapfact] for inspiring me for the invisible targets
-KyleSarnik for his help making this addon MP-playable, scripts and viewblock.p3d from his great Grenades Pack
-DSA for his strobe model and texture

- x-ray
- alex.Sworn
- boomer

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