Roller - convert and process OFP and ArmA island files - updated

***** Updated *****
Spooner informed us he released an updated version as the executable version failed to run.
If you have already downloaded this please download again!

Spooner released a new tool called "Roller" on the website which is a community made software to convert and process OFP and ArmA island files.
Its primary purpose is to convert OFP islands to ArmA for the ACE Island Pack, but it can also do some processing that could be useful to people making new ArmA islands.

Additional features:
    * Generate satellite mask texture
    * Replace forest block with customizable single objects
    * Replace single objects with optional offset
    * Reduce cell size for more height data points or increase cell size for less detail
    * Make terrain bumpy
    * Raise/lower sea level
    * Generate list of unique objects present in source file
    * Replace texture
    * Set terrain point height at the edges
    * Processing summary


Written on 2009-02-06 14:32 by Spooner  

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