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Version: 1.0

Date: 2006-12-13 19:55

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Retribution V1.0

by Mike@UK

MikeWW2EC (at)


You are Colonel Jack Kolenski, an Elite US Army Assassin, sent to the Island of Sahrani to eliminate Captain Riboli of the South Sahrani Royal Guard,
the man responsible for the massacre at Cayo and the Royalist attack on US Forces.

It's time for Retribution...


Place the "Retribution.sara" PBO in your ArmA/Missions Folder and run it from the Mission menu in game.

For MP place the "Retribution.sara" PBO in your ArmA/MPMissions Folder.

Info/Known Issues:

This mission is available in 2 Player Co-Op and with Single Player Team Switch.


The AI Patrols have trouble with Area's near water, so going down the coastal route may be too easy.

Captain Riboli's Helicopter sometimes crashes on the way to the base.

Captain Riboli sometimes runs away from the base when he is alerted.

If you discover any other serious bugs you can contact me at

This is an unofficial mission and is not a product of Bohemia Interactive or part of their main Campaign.

If this mission file corrupts or damages your computer in any way Bohemia Interactive, I nor anyone else cannot be held responsible.

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