Author: Shark Attack and Johnny Boy
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.1

Short description: When you shoot an engineer carrying a mine on his pack, an explosion occurs

Date: 2009-02-16 22:47

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Mine Backpack Explode
Shark Attack & Johnny Boy

When you shoot an engineer carrying a mine on his pack, an explosion occurs

- Explosion only occurs if this is a torso shot (thanks to LCD for figuring that out).
- Explosion occurs at height of mine on back.
- Explosion height dependent on unit stance--stand, crouch, prone (thanks to Mandoble's stance detection script).
- If standing or crouched, blast at engineer's back propels body forward.
- If prone, explosion causes body to "bounce"

See attached sample mission. Tweak the _speed parameter if you want bodies to fly further.

1.) Extract the Contents of the Zip to the Missions folder found in your MyDocuments\Arma\Missions folder.
2.) Copy the mando_getpos.sqf and the mineBackpackExplode.sqs into your mission folder.
3.) Copy the init.sqs over to your mission folder

Change log:
Version 2.1 Released on 2/14/2009.
1. Added default _mine_height to fix bug. Thanks to Worldeater for solution!
2. Added _checkHasMine toggle, that if true, unit will only explode if he has a mine in inventory. By default this is false. Mission Designer must edit this variable to set it to true if desired. Thanks to Fleepee for finding, and Spooner for solution.
- Updated to handle units in vehicles.

If you torso shoot an engineer in a vehicle, you will also get an explosion. On a gunner, the explosion force is mostly external to the vehicle, so the vehicle will likely not be destroyed. If engineer is driver or cargo, the force is more internal to vehicle, and vehicle may be destroyed.

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