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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.1I

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Date: 2009-02-17 20:06

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CSL Particle Parameter Utility

ColonelSandersLite and Mandoble

This utility is, in essence, a particle effect editor that allows you to edit
the 55 or so parameters associated with particle effects with a series of
dialogs, and see the results first hand in real time.

This comes in the form of an ingame single mission. It's not a mission in the
true sense however. The scripts inside are not meant to be imported into your
own mission and there is no enemy to fight.

It's goal is simply to let you manipulate particle effects to enable you, as an
addon maker or mission designer, to acheive the desired effect quickly, and use
the settings you came up with in your mission/addon/script/whatever.

- Full manual. It includes notes about the controls and how my utility handles them, where
appropriate. In addition, it includes information as to what the parameters
actually do, and a tip here and there. It is recommended that advanced
scripters read this as well for information pertaining to the dialogs and how
specific things are handled.

- You manipulate the parameters of the particleParams, particleCircles,
dropInterval, and particleRandom commands through a series of dialogs
accessable through the action menu.

- You can import and export code via a copy+paste functions.

- You can edit up to 5 particle effects at the same time to enable you to
more easilly manage more complex effects.

-Both PBO versions and an non PBO versions are included. Unless you want
to edit something (like for example, you wish to do your edits directly on
an addon vehicle or something, you can drop it in. Totally unsupported.),
stick with the PBOs.

-A version for both the intro island and Sahrani are included in order to
minimise load times for the end user.

-A very simple usage demo mission is included to help set people who are
new to particle effects on the right path.

- The PBOs go in:

- The Non PBOs (whole folder) and usage demo go in:
(Your arma user directory)\(your user name)\missions

Change log:
- Render parameters reworked to support 10 of each; size, color, and
animation phase

- Ability to attach the particle effect to the squadmate, or any vehicle
the squadmate is in

- Added the manual

- Fixed a small bug when importing a drop interval of 2 or more.

Have you made a great particle effect you would like to share with the
world? Please do! Add your custom particle effects to the Bohemia
Interactive Community Wiki's Particle Effects page found at

Small warning:
- This tool does not check for valid parameters beyond what the game
engine checks for itself. You can set parameters for some particle
effects that will cause the game to crash. The few I've seen have all
been related to setting shapeName 0 and shapeName 1 - 3 to an invalid
combination. I consider this problem to be minor at worst.

- There is also very little validity checking on the import feature. Make
sure your code is valid. Only numbers and exactly correct text is
accepted. Ran is not.

There are only 4 parameters you cannot set:
- Animation Name: There isn't enough concrete information for me to figure
out what options to give the editor.

- On Timer: Executes a script, therefore beyond the scope of this tool.

- Before Destroy: Executes a script, therefore beyond the scope of this

- Object: Sets the target object of the script. Not relevent for the
purposes of this utility.

Credits & Thanks:
A big thank you goes out to Sanctuary of the BIS forums for inspiring the
copy and paste method and to bk1276 of the BIS forums for suggesting
multiple particle effects.

Another one goes to Mandoble of the ofpec forums for suggesting adding the
ability to attach a particle effect to your squadmate and for pointing out
that I had done all the render parameters wrong.

A HUGE thank you aimed at Kegetys, Kronzky, & T_D (apologies if I missed
someone) for their efforts in putting together a working method of
manipulating strings. The whole import function would not have been
possible had it not been for these people.

Also, to those who have helped support this project by hosting the files,
including: Old Bear, El nino Foxhound, Big, Stavanger and Imutep.
Apologies if I missed somebody, too many to keep easilly track of

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