Week report #70
Work in progress

* Safwan

    bravo6 released some new pics showing off palm tree textures and villages from a birds eye view on the BI Forums.
    Quote bravo6:
    Just a quick idea how the several small villages will look like from the air. The Villages look pour, but with time they will gain more things. All pictures were taken in VD 10000m. Sorry for the quality, still have a crappy video card & PC

    5018-safwan17_b.jpg 5018-safwan18_b.jpg 5018-safwan19_b.jpg 5018-safwan20_b.jpg 5018-safwan21_b.jpg 5018-safwan22_b.jpg

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    - BI Forums

* USAF F-16C Falcon

    eddyD informed the community on the BI forums he has been working on the F-16 again. He added a new HUD in the first LOD and also updated the seat.
    The F-16 does now also have airbrakes, but its still being tested.

    4-f16_brake.jpg 4-f16_hud.jpg

    - BI Forums

* Army of the Czecho-Slovak

    petrtlach has released some screenshots showing tankcrews and the MP-40 mod on the BI forums.
    2661-infantry1.jpg 2661-infantry2.jpg 2661-mp38.jpg 2661-tank1.jpg 2661-tank2.jpg 2661-tank3.jpg

    - BI forums

* Aircraft Munitions

    GodHammer has released screenshots of his TV seeking head on the BI Forums

    Quote GodHammer:
    Tests on the new TV seeking head I'm working on.
    It's gonna equip the KH-59M ( antiship ) missile I'm building up, and maybe my KAB1500KR, replacing the old texture.
    I just need a big help, I need to find a good material-trasparency coeff for the small glass dome covering the head, since the one I am using hides too much the interior.
    I need something closer to reality, if anybody wants to help...


    - BI Forums

* BadBenson's Afghanistan map

    BadBenson has updated his upcoming Afghanistan Map with 3 more screenshots on the BI forums.
    5018-lehm11.jpg 5018-lehm12.jpg 5018-lehm4.jpg

    - BI Forums

* Lost Brothers - IDF infantry

    Jewish-Freak released a few screens showing the updated IDF infantry on the BI forums.
    4-idf_inf_1.jpg 4-idf_inf_2.jpg 4-idf_inf_3.jpg 4-idf_inf_4.jpg

    - BI Forums

* Operation Northstar

    AASE released a screen on the BI forums showing the new units brought in-game with the help from Swat-guy.

    - BI Forums

*Island Objects/Buildings

    Mondkalb released a screenshot of one of his birds which he is including in his pack on the BI Forums.
    Quote Mondkalb:
    New birds are coming!

    I hope one can recognize the birdie from the picture as a Pigeon.
    Animations are working.
    Planned Birds are so far:
      - Eagle
      - Jay
      - Parrots (Lorikeet, Sun Conure)
      - Sparrow
      - A Dragon
    If you can think of more birds that should be created, let me know it!
    Thanks to all for your feedback. Some radardomes also wouldn't hurt, would they?
    And some Administrative Buildings are a really nice Idea. Maybe a small 2 story office.


    - BI Forums

* ArmA Server Manager

    CaptainMurphy annouced they have been working on an ArmA Server Manager. This application allows you to manage a server remotely without having to have direct access to the server itself for reboots, restarts, or config file editing.
    Quote CaptainMurphy :
    The latest version of the ArmA Manager has some very nice features. First of all it allows you to manage a server remotely without having to have direct access to the server itself for reboots, restarts, or config file editing.

    Feature List:
      Start and Stop ArmA server instance
      Modify Config file with specialized information for a particular server
      Set multiple missions to use in Queue
      Server Name
      Admin Password
      Max Players
      Message of the Day
      Template File can be modified for each server to have special features not currently designated
      Upload Mission files to server
      Delete Mission files from server
      Ban, Unban users
      Manage an infinite number of servers

    4-ban.jpg 4-config.jpg

    - BI Forums

* Island Objects/Buildings

    Mondkalb has released information about his Airport Buildings and Object pack that he is working on in the BI Forums.
    Quote Mondkalb:
    I am currently working on an Airport- and Objectpack. All doors/gates are functional. All buildings/objects have proper resolution lods.

    A complete List of what I've got so far:
      -Hangar (42m x 45m)
      -AIS Building
      -Connecting segments (1 Side Open and 2 Sides open)
      -New Runway/taxiway elements
      -Tunnel, 50m
      -Tunnel entrance segment
      -several advertisements
      -52 Roadname-Signs
    5018-pic03pd4.jpg 5018-pic04tk8.jpg 5018-pic05se3.jpg 5018-pic13yr6.jpg 5018-pic14cw7.jpg 5018-pic9te6.jpg

    - BI Forums

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