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Requirements: A.C.E Island Pack
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Version: 1.10

Date: 2009-03-04 15:12

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This mission is a rather simple Vehicle DM with a focus on fast and fun play.

One of the key features is that it auto integrates available vehicle addons into the mission.

* Vehicle DM
    o Customizable vehicle sets:
      + Tanks only
      + Choppers only
      + Planes only
      + Ground only,
      + Air only
      + No Planes
      + No Choppers
      + No Statics
      + All
      + AAA vs Choppers
      + AAA vs Planes
      + AAA vs Air
    o 1 RPG, 3 Satchels and AK for emergency
* Customizable view distance: "500m" to "50km"
* 16 playable slots, 5 second respawn
* Mission time fixed 15 minutes
* Random mission area selection on mission start
* Automatic pre-loading of the terrain and units in use to avoid loading freezes or LOD swapping
* AI is a somewhat decent DM partner, PvP with AI or PvP only
* AI units are listed in the scoreboard as well
* Can you beat the Heroes of War - AI have special names for better immersion and recognition
* Beams choppers and planes into the air after a short delay to allow smooth air battles
* Automatic magazine reload after 3 minutes or 1 minute after being empty (if applies earlier)
* Automatic dead boy and destroyed vehicle removal
* Automatically integrates vehicle addons available on both the server
    o Special vehicle sets. This means if you load the given MOD pack, it will only integrate the given vehicle set of the MOD:
      + ACE MOD
      + FDF Mod
      + CSLA MOD
      + FFAA MOD
      + zzCTI MOD
      + IC MOD
* By default vehicles without weapons are removed (will be configurable later on).
* By default all guided missiles are removed (will be configurable later on).
* By default radar is blocked by a black overlay texture (will be configurable later on).
* Mission packed as addon. This allows to have XXX mission in X MB.

Use modfolders to organize all your custom addons and mods.
If you do not know how to make and use mod folders have a look in our FAQ.

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Vehicle DM using various community addons:

Vehicle DM using the FFAA MOD:

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