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Version: 1.0
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Date: 2009-03-10 20:25

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HESCO barrier

I was working on some HESCO barrier stuff last year about this time and got too busy with RL and sorting out other stuff since then, so I had no time at all for ArmA Addon making or those HESCO barriers, so i wanted to release the work I have done, for you, the great ArmA community. Maybe someone of you great guys finds some spare time and interest in this stuff.

I know, they are far from finished and despites that I am not that great addon maker like you guys. It was my first attempt in releasing an addon, but now it's up to you!
Feel free to edit, rework or change this stuff and get it going if you guys want to!

Extract the maatz_hesco.pbo to a modfolder, check our FAQ to see how to setup and use modfolders.

Included .pbo files:

Thanks goes out to Pauliesss, SqueeleR, BattlingBitch and VXR, for your great help with this stuff I worked on!
and of course also thanks a lot to this great community, that showed big interests in this stuff

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