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Requirements: SPON Core, Extended eventhandlers

Version: v0.1.0

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Date: 2009-03-22 14:53

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SPON CrewNotify

CrewNotify informs the player whenever another player enters or leaves their vehicle.

Requires that the SPON Core be installed in the mission (v0.5.3 or higher). Both SPON CrewNotify and SPON Core are available in two versions: One is a client-side addon and the other is mission-script-based, which does not require any addons to be installed on client or server. Both require ArmA 1.14 or higher.

Informs the player whenever another player enters or leaves their vehicle.

addon version
1. Install the XEH (Extended event handlers) addon by Solus. (Included)
2. Install the SPON Core addon.
3. Copy the "Addon Version/@SPON_CrewNotify" directory into your ArmA directory.
4. Add " -mod=@XEH;@SPON_Core;@SPON_CrewNotify" to your ArmA shortcut target.
5. If you want to force the SPON CrewNotify addon to be loaded in order to play in your mission, just add a "SPON CrewNotify: Require" gamelogic with the editor.

mission-script version
1. Ensure that you have the latest version of SPON Core installed in your mission (see the README.txt within that package for full installation instructions).
2. Copy the "Scripts\SPON" directory into your mission folder.
3. Add the following lines to your mission's "stringtable.csv" file (only #include the file from Core once, regardless of how many SPON components are used):
LANGUAGE, "English"

#include "SPON\Core\stringtable.csv"
#include "SPON\CrewNotify\stringtable.csv"
4. Add the following two lines to your mission's "description.ext" file (Make sure that the #include for the SPON Core file comes before the include files for any other SPON components, such as SPON CrewNotify):
#include "SPON\Core\ui\core.hpp"
5. In your init.sqf file (or init.sqs), include the following line:
[] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "SPON\CrewNotify\initCrewNotify.sqf";
6. If in doubt, check how it is done in the demo mission and copy that.

Limitations & Compatibility:
You won't get either get-in or get-out notifications immediately after you get into a new vehicle (for up to 3 seconds).

Mission types:
* SP and SP teamswitch: Yes, but script will not run since AI don't cause notifications.
* MP: Yes.
* MP JIP: Yes.

Design Aims:
* Save people asking who has got into or out of a vehicle each time.
* Aimed primarily at MP (PVP and COOP) play.
* Avoid reliance on addons, in favour of scripting, as far as possible. Addon and 100% mission-scripts versions available!

* Demo mission and addon pbo files created with cpbo by Keygetys.
* Thanks to Solus for allowing me to include the XEH addon in the release (and, of course, for making the great addon in the first place!)

- First public release

Forum topic:
- BI forums

Extended eventhandlers (only needed for the addon version)

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