ARMA 2 Weapons - Special Purpose Weapons & Sniper Rifles

arigram submitted a news item again two new sections have been revealed on the Arma 2 weaponry section, the Special Purpose Weapons and the Sniper Rifles.
    Special Purpose Weapons
      These guns were designed, developed or modified to provide maximum performance for special warfare. Subsonic ammunition or integrated silencers are a few of the features which make them different.
      The Special Purpose Weapons include the MP5, PP-19 Bizon, VSS Vintorez,

      4-arma2weapons_mp5.jpg 4-arma2weapons_bizon.jpg 4-arma2weapons_vintorez.jpg
    Sniper Rifles
      Sniper rifles enable snipers to attack targets at long range; some of them use high caliber ammunition and are capable of destroying vehicles or light targets. These rifles are commonly fitted with powerful optical sights.
      The Sniper Rifles include the CZ 550 Scoped, DMR, KSVK, M107, M24, Mk12 SPR and the SVD Dragunov.

      4-arma2weapons_snip_cz550.jpg 4-arma2weapons_snip_dmr.jpg 4-arma2weapons_snip_ksvk.jpg 4-arma2weapons_snip_m107.jpg 4-arma2weapons_snip_m24camo.jpg 4-arma2weapons_snip_mk12spr.jpg 4-arma2weapons_snip_svddragunov.jpg
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Written on 2009-03-28 09:54 by Armaholic  

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