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Requirements: A.C.E. - Advanced Combat Environment, Tatawin Island
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Date: 2009-03-29 08:00

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=FSI= Operation TATA

Intelligence has detected suspicious movements in an abandoned base at south of Tatawin Island. Your task is to control and eliminate any hostile presence in the base and nearby.

Also were detected satellite signal sent from the abandoned base ......... investigated. find a computer at the base of the satellite repeater. Do not worry you are equipped to insert into the system. We have reason to think that there is a close Mi17 armed with chemical bombs. If you should find it take it at all costs and bring it to the base of the Department for Disarmament NBC. More information will be given during the mission. Good luck Warriors.

Coop missions For 12 players
Respawn at same position were you dead after 70 second

Extract the pbo file to your ArmA\MPMissions folder.

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to Solo for Script adjust .
Thanks to Van Halen.
Thanks to My Clan =FSI= for beta testing.
Thanks to ACE MOD Developers .
Thanks to very good for floosy Island
Thanks to Kronzy For UPS Script
Thanks to Wolfrug For Codepad script
Thanks to etc........
Thanks to All Armaholic's Staff

- A.C.E. - Advanced Combat Environment
- Tatawin Island

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