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Requirements: A.C.E. - Advanced Combat Environment

Version: 1.07
Signed: Yes

Short description: This updates the A.C.E. mod to the latest version 1.07 from version 1.06

Date: 2009-04-20 13:28

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Advanced Combat Environment - Patch 1.07
A.C.E Development Team

This updates the A.C.E. mod to the latest version 1.07 from version 1.06

- already have A.C.E. installed
You can update your Mod by running the included Updater (Windows Start Menu, or @ACE\Tools folder).

In case you update with the updater, if you get a message about sixarma-updater.exe being in use, please close the black dos window, and click Retry)

Included files:

    - Ak47,Bizon, RPK drum magazine models [Q1184]
    - Bis groups are hidden in the editor by default. New clientside setting can be commented to reinstate the use of BIS groups. Fix #867 [Squelch]
    - Flare sound [Tpm]
    - Italian translation for men class, by =FSI=Gen.Nembo [Alef]
    - Italian translation for vehicles, by =FSI=Gen.Nembo [Alef]
    - Muzzleflash to FALs [Scubaman3d]
    - Prone operating animation for Konkurs launcher [Rocko]
    - Sa58 config [Q1184]
    - Useable sandbags [Rocko]
    - Visible flares in daylight [Rocko]
    - Ah1 and AH64 have bulletproof cockpit glass [Rocko]
    - Ai cannot shoot while going prone from kneel or vice versa [Rocko]
    - Ao Mapping for USSR Army soldiers to fix dark spot on units back (former backpack area) [Rocko]
    - Applying Epi or Morphine no longer plays the medic animation [Rocko]
    - Converted motorbike start sound to mono and wss, fixes #786 [Rocko]
    - Correct picture for Konkurs Missile Tube [Rocko]
    - Corrected MG36 magazine picture when packed in rucksack [Rocko]
    - Function method of ace_fx_cartridges, no longer uses FPS check and string compare method to detect which casing to spawn, also cartridges are now only spawned on ground (building detection disabled) - should save some fps on players machine [Rocko]
    - Huntir rounds and monitor can now be packed in rucksacks [Rocko]
    - Implemented latest version of Homer Johnstons Improved Parachute Scripting [Rocko]
    - Increased indirectHit damage for mines [Rocko]
    - Increased time pain affects units. [Squelch]
    - Javelin and M72 LAW fire sound [Tpm]
    - Konkurs Launcher is now part of crewserved weapons (has some little issues, but is operational) [Rocko]
    - Mp5, SVD Dragunov, GSH fire sounds [Tpm]
    - New 7.62 s.sonic crack [Tpm]
    - Reduced helicopter armor [Q1184]
    - Supersonic crack db values [Tpm]
    - Tweaked db values [Tpm]
    - Vikhr is less maneuvrable and cannot lock on air targets anymore. can lock on laser markers [Pufu]
    - Weapons with physical bipod (visible on model !) can now use it, i.e reduce weapon sway when prone and weapon "rested" on ground [Rocko]
    - Wound AI Respawn script now verifies if unit isKindOf CAManBase before verifying name [Sickboy]
    - You can now manually reload vehicle/static machineguns [Q1184]
    - Ace Map now also blocks map for JIP clients if ACE map logic is placed [Unknown]
    - Ace Map now also blocks map for JIP clients if ACE map logic is placed"" [Xenogf]
    - Bmd AT5 Turret error [Rocko]
    - Bug with the GL humvee dissapearing at times [Pufu]
    - Crewserved M2/NSV couldn't be loaded with ammo [Q1184]
    - Irlock for A10 weapon sys [Aushilfe] [Pufu]
    - Kobra sights on AKM [Pufu]
    - Loading problem with crewserved AGS30 [Q1184]
    - M4 ACOG TA31F reticule despite [Pufu]
    - M40 last LOD no texture bug [Rocko]
    - Model inside insurgent view pilot lod (by SWAT-guy), fixes #492 [Rocko]
    - Mp5 mags could not be packed sometimes [Q1184]
    - No Shape error when using OG/PG round in BMD1s [Rocko]
    - Performance hit from unnecessary debug messages in respawn script. Fixes #798 [Squelch]
    - Rpk74 not using tracer ammo [Pufu]
    - Shilka firing script [Q1184]
    - Ump25 mag round count, fixes #940 [Pufu]
    - View cargo lod - back to original size - no more heads through roof [Pufu]
    - Wrong reticle on the M40A3 [Pufu]

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A.C.E. - Advanced Combat Environment

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