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Requirements: A.C.E. - Advanced Combat Environment

Version: 2.0090425

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Date: 2009-04-25 07:18

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Random Enemy Camps

This script creates random camp and random number of troops.
AI will do random animations like seating and walking out and in and out of the tent.

    - 3 AA infantry and a UAZ MG
    - 3 AA infantry and a UAZ AGS30
    - 7 inf squad and Ural (open)
    - 7 inf squad and Ural (closed)
    - Up to 3 tents

Place the demo mission to:
Documents and settings\Username\My Documents\ArmA\missions.

Change log:
SetupCamp.sqf Changelog
Version: 20090425
- Fixed: Bugs in unit and vehicle creation
- Fixed: No longer added vehicles to infantry group as inf were mounting and driving over tents
- Changed: Shorter startup time
- Changed: Number of tents based on total number of units
- Changed: Tent distance from fire randomised and increases with number of tents and vehicles
- Changed: Increased detection radius from 100m to 300m
- Changed: Infantry only mount UAZ's when activated
- Changed: Infantry go COMBAT and RED (Open fire, Engage at Will) when activated
- Added: Clear trees, rocks, etc before setting up camp
- Added: Random barrels and pallets in camp vicinity

RelaxedAI.sqf Changelog
Version: 20090425
- Changed: Shorter startup time
- Changed: Weighted random actions changed to random movement followed by random animation.
- Changed: SL's will not wander around the camp as it affected other members of group.
- Changed: Move to Camp uses random buildingPos
- Changed: Minor cosmetic distances
- Changed: Move randomly limited to _distance from fire
- Removed: Two very long animations until I work out how to cancel a running animation
- Removed: Minimum 30 sec idle time between movements

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