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4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_2.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_3.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_18.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_19.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_20.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_11.jpg

Mavericko informed us a new preview by has been released. The preview itself is in Hungarian and contains 23 new Arma 2 ingame screenshots, you can use google translate to translate the preview into some kind of readable English.
Also 4 new ingame videos have been released (please turn down your sound as video sound is really loud!):

If people within the Arma community are able to translate this new preview to English please do so and inform us about it!
You can view all new screenshots by clicking "Read more"!

All Arma 2 screenshots which have been released so far can be found in our Arma 2 screenshot gallery 1 and Arma 2 screenshot gallery 2.
Leave your Arma 2 feedback in our Arma 2 forums!

4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_1.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_2.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_3.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_4.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_5.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_6.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_7.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_8.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_9.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_10.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_11.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_12.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_13.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_14.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_15.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_16.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_17.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_18.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_19.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_20.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_21.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_22.jpg 4-arma2_preview_april_pcdome_23.jpg 

Written on 2009-04-21 13:24 by Foxhound  

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