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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.5r4
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

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Date: 2008-04-22 22:59

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HiFi Sound FX

    HiFi Sound FX 1.5r2 @ HiFi Warfare
      Small update for hifilovers

    Here we go with not one but two addons..I'll try to give a brief & crappy description of each for you.
      Hifi 1.5:
        Ok, this is the best elements taken from the last release of hifi, reworked, to sound better and for the rest, brandspanking new sounds that i've worked long & hard to get them consistent with the other sounds for a complete combat package.
      Hifi Warfare:
        This came from an idea whilst playing on a friends server running the warfare gamemode. I decided to make some changes to 1.5 in order to make feel more infantry based. some of the changes I made where as follows:
          - Different (but consistent) sounds for each mode of fire, ie; semi/burst/auto for all smallarms with available firemodes.
          - Lots of time went into capturing R/L explosions & smallarms to make this as realistic & diverse sounding as possible whilst not forgetting this is a GAME.
          - Bullethits, Manhits, armourhits have also been changed to enhance the warfare gamemode.
          - Also included is a config which adds Combat ambience ontop of the usual ambient sound loops giving the feeling of distant combat (for low spec machines
      HiFi WarfareACE:
        This is exactly the same as hifi warfare except you get some Ambient Combat Enviromental sounds instead of just birds tweeting and stuff.
    Hifi Warfare does borrow sounds from Hifi 1.5, bulletcracks, vehicals an other misc sounds. All the sounds it 'shares' are either new to both addons or have been reworked to accommodate both in terms of consistency.

Pick a config from the config folder, place the config & bisign inside the same folder as the hifi_sounds.pbo then place HIFIFX folder in your arma directory, modify your shortcut accordingly.
"C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\arma.exe" -nosplash -maxmem 512 -mod=HIFIFX
If you do not know how to use mod folders have a loom in our FAQ.

Remember, only use one config at a time, using more than one will result in possible errors.

So, in your HifiFX addon folder you should have:
    and one config file:
Included .pbo files:

This is a signed addon.
The server key for server admins is included in this download.


Video by supershooter of an older version:

Please understand, if you want to use my work within another addon/edit my sounds for repackaging or wish to add my sounds together with others sound addons via config or .wss file swapping, ask me first...its morally the right thing to do as well as legally

Credits & thanks:
Mark XIII - Sound Creation
Polo - Intial Config
Ornbine - Advice/sound tester
The .D, Cole & Sanchez for some decent online playtesting & stuff
VannDaMMage - My Good lady/sound tester by default

Big shouts to:
thanks to Polo for his guidance, friendship and clarity, to Ornbine for play testing and those notes! to a healthy communtity of addon makers, players an admins over at bis forums, armaholic and armed assault info THANKYOU for hours of entertainment.
Pufu, Pauld, Jman and all of the guys at kellys-heros for fixing things I seem good at breaking and giving my addon a home out in cyberspace;)
The .D, Sanchez, Cole, Pauld, Manzilla, Protegimus, Betsalel, DrBobcat, nikita320106, Uziyahu--IDF, zGuba, Juan, supershooter, Viper23rd, El nino Foxhound, Stavanger,lebson506th...Thanks guys

VannDaMMage, sorry for the noise love

Special thanks to:
Betsalel for the help working out the bugs within the config and playtesting new sounds.
Jman from kelly's Hereos for the continuing support, testing, key making & giving hifi a 'proper' home
My WIFE!!!
I love you Vann, you put up with alot from me, including repetative loop syndrome so thanks for being a gem!

Ok, that all said & done, go kick ass & enjoy

- m24_rb reloadSound. Config typo fixed.
- class AZP85 CannonCore. Config typo fixed.
- Warfare config: UH60MG Helicopter loudness changed from 80 to 50 inline with WarfareACE & 1.5 configs.
- Warfare config: KA50 Helicopter loudness changed from 70 to 35 inline with WarfareACE & 1.5 configs.
- class B_30mm_AP BulletBase, missing sound files added.
- Seagul loop bug.

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- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

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