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Takko released an updated version of his nuke addon on BI forums.

Quote Takko:
After long work, we present you our newest modpack, including the device in version 1.0!
Also I put in the Gecko APC in version 0.2 ( I did just throw it in, because its necessary to move the device with as it contains some bugs).

    - Nuclear 7.5 KT Device
    - Power on/off actionmenu entry, so you won't activate the device by accident
    - Implosion, You just found the device and now you don't know what to do with? Well, the safe implosion is the solution! It'll destroy the device in a safe manner
    - Explosion, Nothing to add than that its destroying Bagango in a minute.
    - MP Compatible, just destroy the island with your friends
    - Draggable with the Gecko ATV (Sometimes buggy yet), Drag it from Paraiso to Bagango. Mighty surprise!
    - Gecko ATV
      - Able to drag the device
      - you can put stuff in it as well as transporting soldiers
      - swimming in water with it

Written on 2009-05-22 19:53 by Armaholic  

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