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Requirements: Project '85 Config, Project '85 Weapons, Project '85 Units, Project '85 Vehicles, Project '85 GUI and Sea vehicles
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Version: 1.2

Date: 2009-05-08 13:15

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Porto Assault

It's a mission by mission campaign set.

MISSION 1 - Porto Assault - Day 1/14:00:

West German airborne and regular army forces have landed on the Soviet protectorate of Porto. You and your squad of GRU Spetznas will use small craft to insert on the north eastern tip of the island. Once inserted, clear the town of Largo and move inland assaulting the German strong points along the axis of advance.
    - Move quickly and quietly into the town of Largo and attack Objective 1.
    - Use the cover of the forest as you advance forward into a covered position to attack Objective 2.
    - Move slowly and assault the enemy infantry squad to the south at Objective 3.
    - Finally move on the enemy camp at Objective 4 be aware that your assault will be met by covering fire from a small enemy position to the rear.

MISSION 2 - Porto counter-attack - Day 1/17:55:

The West German forces that you forced off the ridge are retreating North West in panic. Its imperative that we cut them down before they can report back to HQ and inform their supperiors that we are only a recon force. It's likely that we'll be facing a fierce counter attack from the remaining platoons of the airbourne company to the west. Hold your ground and prevent them from over-running your ridgeline. Armour and mechanized infantry have been spotted to the South of Porto and it's probable that if their infantry attack fails, they'll move their remaining armour on your position. If this happens pull back to Largo and join up with the Naval Spetznas forces that have deployed to Largo.
    - Cut-down the retreating airbourne squad to the west at Objective 1.
    - Prevent the remaining airbourne platoons from over-running your position on the ridge at Objective 2.
    - If armour is spotted, retreat back to Largo and link up with the Spetznas forces at Objective 3
    - Hold the town of Largo at Objective 4 and use the heavy weapons to stop the enemy armour.

MISSION 3 - The Guns of Porto - Day 1/19:15:

German heavily artillery has been air-lifted onto the Island and has started to Pound Largo. We must destroy this artillery before it destroys our bridge head. Currently we don't have air assets in the area, so this will be an infantry attack.Your first task is take out an enemy O.P (Observation point) that is being used to direct artillery on Largo. Once it's gone you'll be clear to move on the enemies checkpoint. Wait there while reserve forces move up to relieve you. Move through the junkyard and into Porto, locate and destroy the enemy artillery before joining our Observation point overlooking the enemy controlled ridge. You have two demolition experts on your team who will destroy the M109's.
    - Move quietly through the forest to the South and clear the enemy observation point at Objective 1.
    - Advance on the enemy checkpoint at Objective 2 and wipe out any resistance.
    - Hold at Objective 3 and wait for relief to arrive.
    - Move through the junk yard and use the cover to advance upon the town entrance. Push through at Objective4.
    - Locate and destroy the three M109A3 artillery pieces at Objective 5 using your demolition experts.
    - Finally enter our observation point at Objective 6 and observe enemy movements.

MISSION 4 - The High Ground - Day 2/04:30:

The ridgeline running to your east is garrisoned by the remaining German forces on the Island. Over-night they strengthened their positions and reinforced their defenses. Fortunately, high commanded had the forsight to air-lift a pair of 2S1 122MM artillery pieces on to the Island. From your position you have the best view of the defenses.

Your responsibility in this mission will be to direct artillery fire onto their fortified positions using your hand-held radio. The first task will be to bring artillery fire onto their battery of M119's. This battery has a direct view on our attack path and with it destroyed, advancing will be much faster. Once the enemy battery is destroyed you must radio HQ and declare that we are free to advance to Phase Line Blue. You are then free to choose targets at your discretion. Once you feel resistance has been weakened enough, inform HQ via radio that we are clear to advance to Phase Line Green and the engagement will begin. The enemy has a reserve in the rear guarding supplies. If they feel pressed this reserve will be pushed onto the ridge. They must be destroyed.

The artillery fire coordinates and round type are controlled through the radio found on your map window. Coordinates are moved in increments of 10 meters. You should use smoke to spot fall of your rounds before requesting HE (High explosive). You can also start and stop the artillery using the radio. You have 60 HE rounds at your disposal and as many smoke rounds as you require.
    - Use the artillery to take out the enemy battery at Objective 1.
    - Call our forces forward to Phase Line Blue and destroy any resistance at Objective 2.
    - Call our forces forward to Phase Line Green and destroy any resistance at Objective 3.
    - Crush the remaining reserve forces at Objective 4

MISSION 5 - Smash and Grab - Day 2/06:10:

The German forces have been retreating off the island all morning. At this point we have no clear idea where they're heading and we want to find out. Porto is being controlled by the Island militia, loyal to the foreign forces. They are poorly armed and lack heavy weapons. One of our agents has reported that today there will be a meeting between a German Colonel and a rebel officer. We believe this meeting will takeplace on a roof-top position down by the docks. You are going to insert at LZ-Xray, move through the town, find the enemy officers. Kill the rebel officer and take the German captive. Continue east, clearing AAA threats until you reach LZ-Zulu. You will be extracted by helicopter.
    - Insert Via Mi-17 at LZ-XRay.
    - Take out the checkpoint at Objective 2.
    - Move to the target building at the Target Building and execute the rebel leader. Don't kill any foreign nationals!
    - Capture the enemy colonel at the Target Building.
    - Clear the staging point of potential AAA threats Objective 5
    - Extract via Mi-17 at LZ-Zulu

Place the pbo file in your ArmA\MPMissions folder.

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