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Requirements: Queen's Gambit expansion, Avgani Iraq & Afghan Village, Afghanistan, OFM Uhao Island, Razani N. Waziristan, Sakakah Al Jawf, Schmalfelden
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2009-05-09 08:30

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SoLo Coop-Pack

Here is a pack of my multiplayer missions created between 2006 and 2009 for ArmA.
This are mainly coop missions, majority with revive respawn (older has team respawn).
There are also some sniper DM and some urban TDM, but fews, that's not my sector.

All the coops are thought to be played strongly to form teams (clan training) so to encourage teamwork.
Some missions are very simple for this reason, made for clan training purpose (missons are marked TRN).

Others missions are objective oriented or sector control missions.
All missions are mainly infantry based (block based teams). Do not except a lot of vehicles (they are mainly thought to give support).

All missions have a briefing, in case they haven't, objectives are clearly marked with markers.

Mission content:
Saharani (33)
Rahmadi (1)
Porto (1)
Sakakah (4)
DBO_afghan (2)
Schmalfelden (1)
Avgani (1)
Afghan Village (3)
Uhao (1)
Razani (2)
Total (49)

Extract the pbo files to your ArmA\MPMissions folder.

Nomenclature (ingame):
(type and number of player) - number of the mission - title of the mission - (revive script optional)
(DM16) - 057 - Sniper 2
(Coop16) - 064 - Desert Assault - R

Nomenclature (editor):
number of the mission - title of the mission - (type and number of player) - scripts

Main used scripts:
BAS_f (SK)
Dynamic Group Creator 1.0 (DGC)
Urban Patrol Script 1.8.2 (P)
Grouplink 1.91 (GL) (not last version)
Revive script 1.46 (R)
Dynamic AI Creator 2.00 (DAC) (only last missions)
Spectating Script
Sattelite View Script
OnMapClick Artillery

Known issues:
Some missions doesn't support very well Join in Progress (so try to avoid it).

Credits & Thanks:
Bohemia Interactive (for the tactic shooter)
Arma Community (for the scripts)
my clan -[TdC]- (for the support)

Forums Topic:

- Queen's Gambit expansion
- Avgani Iraq & Afghan Village
- Afghanistan
- OFM Uhao Island
- Razani N. Waziristan
- Sakakah Al Jawf
One of the Schmalfelden versions is required:
- Schmalfelden - no undergrowth
- Schmalfelden - Heavy Vegetation
- Schmalfelden - Extra Heavy Vegetation

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